Ninja Spotlight #3: The Golden Eagle

Hi all! For my Ninja Dojo spotlight this evening, I’m pleased to be able to present an interview with The Golden Eagle. Eagle’s an old friend in the blogging circuit who I’ve done a spotlight on before – but that was before my spotlights came with interview questions, so it doesn’t really count. :D

What’s the most unusual part of your writing process?
I’m not sure how many other writers do this, but if I’m reading or watching something and I come across a phrase, or even a character or plot point, that I find particularly interesting (it really can be anything at all), I’ll scribble a note to myself and refer to it when I’m brainstorming. I have a stack of post-it notes from all the stuff I wrote down for my first novel.

What is your favorite color?
Green . . . or blue. They’re about even.

Where, if anywhere, are your backup files?
Skydrive. I find it’s relatively easy to use and pretty fast.

The Golden Eagle blogs at The Eagle’s Aerial Perspective about writing, life, and other things. She writes mainly Science Fiction and Fantasy–because she thinks it’sĀ fun to create new universes–and she is the webmaster of the new topical site The Eagle Directory (

Thanks for sharing, Eagle!

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35 Responses to Ninja Spotlight #3: The Golden Eagle

  1. I do the same thing. Movies, songs, billboards, street names, overheard conversations (yes, I eavesdrop!), and other books seem to spark ideas. I keep sticky notes in my purse, desk, and sometimes, my pocket!

    Great interview. :)

  2. That’s a cool idea to write down that sort of stuff when watching TV. I just try to store it in my brain, which isn’t 100 % reliable all the time. :)

    • The Golden Eagle says:

      That’s what I did before; then I found myself forgetting a lot of stuff and in came the notes.

  3. The Golden Eagle says:

    Thank you so much for the spotlight! :)

  4. Donna Hole says:

    Love the post-its concept. I write on a notebook, but sometimes I forget where I got the snippets. I also collect fortune cookie sayings :)


  5. Old Kitty says:

    Golden Eagle is just wonderful and super duper talented! It’s always a joy to read her blog entries!

    I tend to get obsessive about snippets of anything but never have the gumption to take notes! So yay for Golden for being so organised!!! Take care

    • The Golden Eagle says:

      Aww, thank you. I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog!

      Notes have really helped me keep inspiration/ideas together.

  6. I didn’t know about SkyDrive.

    I write notes and later on consolidate them in one notebook. Like Donna, I also keep fortune cookie sayings.

    • The Golden Eagle says:

      Hope it comes in handy–Skydrive, that is.

      It’s funny how they can match up with your life sometimes.

  7. Golden is amazing. And yes, a Ninja.

  8. Scribbling notes is so much a part of my life I’m never without a pad and pencil, even though I have this handy iPhone thingy that allows me to make notes.

  9. We use Skydrive at my house as well. Though I accidentally call it SkyNet all the time. :P

  10. I follow the Golden Eagle’s blog and find her to be very interesting, indeed.


  11. My backup files are on three different computers and a datastick.

  12. Keeping notes is a great thing to do.

  13. I’d have thousands of post it notes everywhere if I wrote down every little idea!

    • The Golden Eagle says:

      I write a lot of my inspiration down on larger sheets of paper (when using paper) these days, so there aren’t as many pieces floating around as there might be.

  14. Nick Wilford says:

    Interesting brainstorming approach. I should write more stuff down, but for some reason, feel weird about writing notes around other people, even family. Should get over that!

    • The Golden Eagle says:

      So do I, sometimes. I worry that they’ll ask and it can be hard to explain research for a novel . . . LOL.

  15. ali cross says:

    I love Eags! She is all kinds of awesome and I enjoyed learning this little tidbit about her. Thanks!

  16. I did the same thing with doing research for my hf novel. I kept notes on phrases that were true to the period and then wrote them on posterboards so I could see them as I wrote the story.

    • The Golden Eagle says:

      Period speech can be hard to pin down–I rarely write characters who don’t speak contemporary English, since I tend to default to it. :)

  17. Love the interview. I use a lot of post it notes as well. The trouble is finding the ones I need. I think I need to index them as well hhahaha.

  18. deniz says:

    Great questions! You mean there’s something out there besides Dropbox? Will have to look into it.
    Love your list-keeping – I do that too! All these scattered bits of paper with words or phrases or descriptions on them…

    • The Golden Eagle says:

      Yeah. I actually found a lot of programs that store your files for free–but my mom was using Skydrive, so I thought I’d go with that one as well.


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