Stringing Words Blogs (and LiveJournal) roundup.

Okay, today because some of the blogging members of Stringing Words gave me the courage to start this blog, (though probably none of them know it,) I’m going to plug their blogs or LiveJournal pages and give out a few introductions.

Gale definitely deserves to go first, in that she’s the one who introduced me to Stringing Words, and for more reasons besides. I met Gale first through the local Hamilton ‘National Novel Writer’s Month‘ events – she’s since served as a Hamilton Municipal Liaison for Nanowrimo and is also one of the three founding admins of Stringing Words. Gale’s blog, mostly devoted to her Thorne’s Quest series, hasn’t been updated that recently, but you can find it here:

Rinelle is also a founding admin for Stringing Words, our representative in the Australian time zones, and a very sweet person. Rinelle’s blog isn’t writing-focused, but I couldn’t leave her out:

At this point, I guess I’ll go through in alphabetical order, starting with Brittany, a younger writer who always seems to have brought a fresh perspective on whatever’s being discussed, (or a fresh new topic for discussion, most days) Brittany is at

Our longwinded and prolific Demon can be found on LiveJournal at Hi, Demon!

Eileen is a great genre (sci-fi and fantasy) writer and always has interesting things to say. Right now she’s off at the Odyssey workshop – congratulations and good luck, Eileen!

Elizabeth Twist is another local Hamilton area writer who I met through local National Novel Writing Month writeins – in fact, we still often meet up throughout the year to write or edit together in a coffee shop, encourage each other, talk out what we’re working on. Her blog is up at

I don’t really know much about Elle, except that I often confuse her with Eileen because their usernames are similar. But Elle seems to have some interesting stuff up at

Erin isn’t that active at Stringing Words, but that’s probably because she’s so busy running National Novel Writing Year, which is also a great writer’s motivating event. (Is it really an event if it essentially never stops? I mean, NaNoWriYe is all year, every year!) She also apparently can’t update her LJ that often –

IchthusFish is also a WriYe-er and sometime Script Frenzier, as well as a Stringer. She’s also from England, which is cool in itself. LiveJournal at

Possibly I’m running out of steam at this point, but I don’t really remember anything about Jiangyin other than this note –

Kristina is an incredibly prolific writer at (Well, maybe not that prolific at LiveJournal specifically.)

Liz is also a National Novel Writing Year participant. Visit her LiveJournal at (Is there some connection between NaNoWriYe and LiveJournal, do you suppose?)

And last but not least, there’s Stacey – and as you can tell from the link, she’s another UK citizen. Also a screenwriter and contest entrant!

So – I hope that you enjoy surfing through some of these links, and I’ll be back with something a bit more writing-relevant soon.

2 Responses to Stringing Words Blogs (and LiveJournal) roundup.

  1. Brittany says:

    Thanks for the blog mention, Chris! I’ll try to mention yours on my blog today or tomorrow.


  2. Elle says:

    Oh, I haven’t been active on Stringing Words for months! I seem to have defected to Absolute Write, which is bigger and less tactful. As for reading some of my stuff, I have a whole forum of stuff to pimp out! There’s a link on Stringing word on my sig (works archive).


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