JulNoWriMo starts today!

So – being the first day of July, and Canada day, today is also the first day of JulNoWriMo, also known as July Novel Writing Month. As you might be able to guess, this is a sort of spin-off of National Novel Writing Month, and I’ve been participating every year for at least three years already.

As it happens, I was logged into the official JulNoWriMo IRC chat room while starting this blog entry, so asked for a few opinions from fellow JulNo-ers on the subject, which prompted the following little conversation thread:

chrisk: does anybody want to help contribute to my blog by telling me what’s great about JulNoWriMo?
solica: It’s awesome if you’re a masochist
adivineeternity: it’s fun if you write fast and are a sadist
giltrap: S & M writers 😛
chrisk: JulNo – it’s all about the pain. 😉
giltrap: Actually, having someone with a whip could make word wars fun
giltrap: And you could tie yourself to a chair to prevent distractions

From there, the topic turned to word wars, which are a wrimo-ey way of boosting your word count where you set a time limit and see who can write the most in that time. There’s a fun bot in the nanowrimo and julnowrimo chat rooms, BattleJesus, who serves as timekeeper for word wars if you know how to ask him nicely.

So – the objective of JulNo is fairly simple – write 50,000 new words on any title within the 31 days of July. The word count is identical to Nanowrimo’s, but you have one more day to reach it in. I find that it’s also a bit more relaxed a challenge than Nanowrimo, partly because it’s lower budget and doesn’t have the same sense of local organization to it, just a bunch of writers meeting on a website and writing their hearts out.

Wish me plenty of luck!

One Response to JulNoWriMo starts today!

  1. 4th guy says:

    Good luck with that 🙂


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