JulNoWriMo – almost there!

Don’t really have the time or energy to blog more than a quick update post, I’m afraid. Been writing too much of late.

A few quick stats about my JulNoWriMo so far…

Words written in 29 days: 44,584

Chapters completed: 6 and a half

Words left to reach 50k: 5416

Days of writing left: 2

Last sentence, so far: I’ve managed to avoid getting drafted for anything too frantic so far, but you might not be so lucky.

First sentence: So overall, this does sound like a game or sport we have back on Earth, capture the flag – well, at least a little.

And, for the fun of it, I made a wordle out of those 44 and a half thousand words: Wordle: Julnowrimo 1-29

Hopefully I’ll have something a bit more original to say than ‘whew’ once JulNo is done!

One Response to JulNoWriMo – almost there!

  1. Brittany says:

    Cool Wordle! You’re doing so much better than me at JulNo. My current word count is… 11,375 out of a goal of 40k. 😦


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