Fanart 2: Isabel/Alex banner for ‘Love will last forever.’

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The second fan-art I wanted to share with you was the first ‘cover art banner’ that I ever made to accompany one of my own storylines. The story in question is fan fiction for the TV show ‘Roswell.’

“Love will last forever” took the death of the character Alex Whitman on the show, and a few moments where Alex appeared to his love interest Isabel Evans, and used that as the basis to set up a ghost love story between Alex and Isabel that sent both of them off on an unbelievable adventure, and for Isabel, a quest to actually bring the boy she loved back to life through alien technology.

Banner for 'Love will Last Forever'

I got the idea of having banners for my fan fiction works from Roswell Fanatics, where a lot of authors use them. I tried asking for somebody artistic on the Fanatics forum to make me a banner first for another story, and wasn’t blown away by the result, so the next time I tried one myself, using the dominant image of a key Alex/Isabel dream scene from the episode where Alex died, and including smaller pictures of Max, Liz, and Tess to foreshadow their supporting role in the plot.

Which brings us to step 2 in my fanart process, which is reviewing the vidcaps I’ve collected and determining which ones are the best for the finished product I hope to craft. Using powerDVD, making a lot of vidcaps is cheap in terms of effort, so I usually gather hundreds of them from the most promising scenes and then sift through them using the Windows Picture and Fax viewer, making notes in a text editor.

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