Fanart 3: Kyle/Tess banner, ‘My Alien Wife.’

Fanart series index.

I have another Roswell fanfic banner to share with you this week, one of a series that I did in the summer of 2009 in an attempt to stretch my artistic skills. 😉

The storyline was one that was inspired by a challenge on the Roswell Fanatics forum, about any couple but Max and Liz getting married in Vegas, I think. I picked Kyle Valenti and Tess Harding.

(And yes, the copy is a Taylor Swift Lyric… but it fits, dammit!)

Step 3 in my fanart process is probably resizing the original images to make them fit the canvas size I have in mind. For this stage, I haven’t found any better tool than Microsoft Photo Editor, even though it doesn’t come with more recent versions of MSoffice.

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