A little netbook trouble.

I brought my Acer Aspire One netbook in to work yesterday, more to do some organizing of video files I wanted to take with me to Charlotte for the Browncoat Ball than to actually get any writing work done on it.

Unfortunately, a minor tragedy struck. When I brought the computer up out of sleep mode when I got into the office, I immediately realized that something was wonky with the colors. It seems as if the red levels over the entire screen are wrong, neither as low or as high as they should be – so black comes out as a dark red, and white usually a pale blueish-green.

The laptop expert at work, Sasha, figured out that if you bend the screen forward at an angle of more than forty-five degrees from perpendicular, everything pops back to normal – this isn’t terribly useful, but it suggests that there’s a loose connection between the video card and the screen.

I took it to the electronics repair desk at the local Walmart, and the guy said that they could take a look at it, but it would probably be three business days. I decided not to leave it with them until I was back from Charlotte, as I could still use it for a lot of things like this – just about anything other than looking at color photographs or watching videos is okay. Of course, I was hoping to be able to use it to watch videos, but that’s the way things go sometimes.

I’ll let you know how things sort out. And doesn’t it just figure that something like this would happen less than two months after the ‘puter is out of warranty? 😉

One Response to A little netbook trouble.

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    I had a similar experience recently. My three yr old was running in a giant cardboard rocket and knocked it on the floor. The screen has smashed it won’t work. I didn’t take out cover, but I am a believer that all things are covered in the first year by the manufacturer but I bet I struggle to find the receipt dang!


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