Nanowrimo Nov 10: Kind of an ‘off’ day.

November 10, 2010

I’ve only written 575 words today, which was one 15-minute war’s worth in the #nanowrimo IRC chat room this evening.

My overall word count is up to 24,625 so I’m nearly half way to 50k, and I guess it was good to take it kind-of-easy for one day. I didn’t write at all on the bus to or from work, I watched videos instead, and carried in extra lunch so that I can take the Alphasmart Dana in my bag tomorrow.

And this evening, I had another driving lesson, my first in nearly a month – during which I had to miss an appointment because of the broken-key incident.

Another write-in marathon starts tomorrow! And sometime soon, also, I’ll need to begin really packing for San Francisco.

Nanowrimo Day 7: One week down…

November 7, 2010

23 days to go.

I’m up to 19,387 words.

I’ve also gotten through several key plot points, introducing James the Angel, and revealing to my Main Character that he’s dead and has been wandering around in somebody else’s body for a day. And he and the romantic interest have kissed and told each other that they’re falling in love. But the happy ending won’t be that easy, will it?

When I left the official Hamilton write-in this afternoon, I was in the middle of a dream sequence that appeared to be taking place at a big fan convention.

And I’ve already got 25 boxes checked off on our ’50 steps to 50k’ sheet.

Nanowrimo Day 5 – the joy of Write-ins

November 5, 2010

I love the sense of creative energy that comes with National Novel Writing Month, and the best part of that is local write-ins.

I’m in the middle of a series of four Hamilton area write-ins on consecutive days, which I’m sure is a record for me:

  • Yesterday was at the Williams Coffee Pub across the street from McMaster University
  • Tonight in a classroom on the McMaster campus
  • Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be meeting at the Stoney Creek Library (where I’ll have to leave early to get to the Toronto Firefly Shindig,)
  • And then, the weekly ‘Official write-in’ at home base, Williams Coffee Pub on the harbour.

There’s so many great things about write-ins – the in-person word wars, the chatter about the crazy things that are happening in our novels, the friendly arguments that break out when somebody who’s on a roll with actually writing tells the chatters to keep their volume down…

And I got a hot dog from an outdoor stand because it was apparently the only place to get food on campus that was still open on Friday evening.

Happy word counting to Nanowrimo-ers the whole world over tonight!

A little Wordle for Nanowrimo day 2

November 2, 2010

I only did this wordle because somebody else mentioned them in the Nanowrimo IRC chat this evening:

Wordle: Nano-day2

It’s unusual, in that the name of my main character is way off in the corner, which almost makes me feel like he’s not at the center of the story. But then again, maybe he isn’t, yet – he’s surrounded by an environment that he’s not really a part of yet. (But in the wordle, he’s not surrounded by anything, yet.)

45,165 words to go!

National Novel Writing Month 2010 – Day 1

November 1, 2010

Stats Roundup:

Words written today: 2,588

Scenes written: 6

Times I’ve had to resort to brackets and [include something I’ll research later in here]: 1

Local write-ins attended: 1

Local writers that attended the write-in, including me: 6

Times my eeePC started flashing a low-battery light during the day: 1

Characters appeared from my outline: 3

Characters appeared who weren’t included in my outline: 2

A good start to the month, overall.

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