So many great storytellers…

This isn’t a particularly uplifting holiday thought for Christmas eve, but – sometimes doing critiques for other writers can be very personally discouraging. Because most of them are so good.

I keep thinking that I shouldn’t feel that way, that it should be incredible how many interesting stories are being told, but… in terms of my goals of becoming a famous, published, or notable author, it can be depressing to stand in a huge crowd, and not be able to turn in any direction without seeing somebody who looks just about as talented as me, as far as I can tell. There can’t be enough room for all of us in the bookstores, can there? There just might be enough room on Amazon for all of us, but how many people would keep searching that long?

I’m going to stop this ramble early, or I’ll just bum myself out even more. Happy Christmas to us all, and goodnight! May whoever you believe in provide good loot under the Christmas tree.

3 Responses to So many great storytellers…

  1. Mark Allen says:


    I’d suggest that you want to focus less on talent and more on the innovation of your writing style, characters and settings as those are the things that matter the most in distinguishing yourself from the crowd!

    Well, innovation combined with more angst and explosions, LOL!


  2. Jen says:

    Have faith in readers. I’m a writer and a reader, and I dig and dig and dig through amazon to find good writers. I read one book, and if I love it, I will dig for hours upon hours looking for another one similar to it. I’m not the only person I know who does this, so stay positive! Those other writers who are just as good as you will likely lead readers to you – readers who wouldn’t have otherwise found you. And you will do the same for them.


  3. Donna Hole says:

    I completed a lot of beta reads and full critiques for on-line friends last year, so I know what you mean. Sometimes the story concepts are so interesting, and I wonder why I couldn’t have come up with that. It is intimidating with the number of very good, unpublished writers out there. Blogfests are an excellent showcase for talent.

    Sometimes I just want to close down this writing fantasy and save myself the worry and expenditure of time. But, who knows why an Agent/Editor picks one author and not another. The competition is stiff, the odds so much more than a longshot; but its what we do. Right?

    I’ve been enjoying your writing style Chris (been here all day, lol; catching up on your serial). You have talent, and a strong learning desire. I can see where all those workshops and research are paying off in your writing development. Critiquing not only exposes you to good writers, it is also a learning experience. Keep at it; but take frequent breaks so you remember how good you are also.



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