Laser printer – yay!

So, both my brother and my sister’s family gave me gift cards for ‘The Source by Circuit City’ (formerly known as Radio Shack Canada,) for Christmas. And, Christmas morning, I tried to print out a little home-made coupon to include in my mom’s card, “good for 1 copy of Documents To Go for Blackberry.”

It took 3 tries, and the highest quality setting, to get the coupon legible – there were bands in every row of letters where the print faded out entirely. Since this isn’t the way the Canon printer usually behaved when it was running out of ink, I decided that the printer itself was starting to die.

I also managed to put the wrong date on the fake ‘coupon’, so that it expired last September instead of September 2011, whoops.

But anyway, I needed a new printer. A laser printer, since I’d heard that they were much cheaper on a per-page basis, and I’m fed up with going to Staples for nice copies of my stories to take to the local writing group.

I looked at the Source’s website, and didn’t find an affordable black laser printer there, the only entries in the ‘laser printers’ category were expensive all-in-one deals. But I took my gift cards down to the mall on Boxing Day anyway, to see what I could get with them.

And there was a Brother black laser printer on the bottom shelf, marked down on sale!

I actually went back home with the model number and looked it up before purchasing, just to make sure that it was a decent unit, but I did get it, and after sitting in the box in my bedroom for four days, I finally got it installed tonight. Works really great, I like it so far.

I did think that the first question in the optional survey after registering the printer was a bit revealing:

“If you’re not planning to buy one of our other products in the next 12 months, we don’t want your survey!”

And as a final note – WordPress has a fairly good statistics package, and I always like seeing some of the things it can tell me about who’s coming to take a look at the blog. And I really got a big smile when I saw that somebody had found me by entering the following search term:

‘including priests in writing fantasy’

I wonder what they thought about the Father Ismay series.

One Response to Laser printer – yay!

  1. Graham says:

    you are right, laser printer is cheaper than inkjet on its printing cost. this is the best choice for all business field. Brother is one of the most famous company in printer product. it has good reliability and the best durability.


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