Fanart 8: Two Ensemble/focus banners from December 2009

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I did a few different story banners in December of 2009, and the first one was for another ‘concept crossover,’ Roswell Calling. This time, I took the concept of the Eliza Dushku tv series “Tru Calling”, and wished it upon a minor character from the Roswell tv series, Deputy turned Sheriff Hanson, so that he could use it to save Alex’s life. I also ended up coming with a different back-story behind Alex’s accident, since saving him from Tess on the last day of his life was something that I’d covered years before in a previous story, “Tapping Fingers.”

I actually asked if somebody at Fanatics could make a banner for this story, and wasn’t really impressed with the sample I could, but couldn’t put my finger on why. So I didn’t reply back, and left the story without a banner until I started messing around with a concept of my own, which ended up looking like this:

I’m really pleased with the way that came out, especially the shots of Alex and Hanson in the middle, and the really tiny shots running across the top and bottom of the banner.

So I ended up working on a similar template for another story that was an ensemble with a particular focus – “Runaway with me”, in which the focus is Max and Liz together, but all of the rest of the gang figure in:

My inspiration for “Runaway with me” came from two different songs, both titled “Runaway” – one by the Corr’s, off ‘Forgiven not Forgotten’, and one by Leahy, off ‘In all things.’ I worked some lyrics from the Corrs song into the story itself, so I’m happy that I could use a lyric from the Leahy song in the banner, and have it work as a great teaser for the story.

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