Late New Creations Blogfest, and a very small fire.

First, the blogfest entry.

I’m entering the ‘New Creations’ blogfest late, because I’m still catching up on ‘Show me Yours,’ but I couldn’t resist the fun of actually contributing something for this one. I really like the idea of writing community blogfests, such a great way of networking and having fun together in the blogosphere. I’m going to need to remember to keep watch for more.

So, first, an ending sentence for a book or story finished last year. As it happens, as I reviewed the stories that I finished last year, all the strongest contenders for a closing sentence were from the Straight Dope short fiction contests. Maybe there’s something about trying to write a two thousand word contest story that helps me end it on a high note. The one I’ve picked, somewhat arbitrarily, as the favorite, is this one, from ‘Devin versus the Distinctive Sweater.’

Just in case something else should happen with the damn thing if he forgot it for a few hours.

And now, a brand new sentence to start off a new story, which is how I often get into trouble with new Works in Progress, but anyway:

I didn’t see how I could possibly concentrate on the blue magic, shut up in a stifling little room with no windows like this.

In other news – I had a fire in my kitchen last night. Not a really big one, but it’s frustrating me, especially since the whole thing was my fault. It started with a pot on the stove, not enough water in the pot, and me spending far too much time commenting on other people’s blogfest entries, actually.

I realized that something smelled a bit funny. “That’s weird, it’s almost as if…” Suddenly clued in and rushed over to the kitchen doorway. There was a cloud of smoke starting to obscure the stove, and orange flames licking around the bottom of the pot.

I remember wondering why the smoke detector hadn’t come on, since it usually reacts to the slightest whisp of something burnt before I can even smell it. Filled a plastic one-cup measure up with water from the sink and tossed it into the pot. This quickly turned into a cloud of steam, and set the smoke alarm going, but didn’t actually make a dent on the flame. I tried again, with more water, throwing it underneath the pot, and that helped. I think I needed a third cupful of water at least to put things out, and noticed that a little river of leftover water was carring some soot and ash across the stovetop to the far corner.

It took a while to get rid of most of the smoke, with two windows open in my apartment, (not that pleasant on a January night like we’ve been having lately,) and there’s still a faint smoky smell when I come in from outside. The pot got dumped into the garbage – possibly I could have cleaned the thing off until it was usable, but I just couldn’t cope with leaving it around. I’ve still got some scrubbing to take care of, and a lot of things that were in the kitchen have got little specs of soot that landed on them.

But aside from that, no damage seems to have been done, so that’s good. And hopefully, I’ll be a lot more careful with stoves in the future.

12 Responses to Late New Creations Blogfest, and a very small fire.

  1. Hey there! Your first sentence leaves me feeling like the story must have had a great tongue-in-cheek vibe to it. A lot of personality.
    The second one leave me with questions. What is blue magic? Why are they shut up? Intriguing. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Btw, I have suffered kitchen fired before all due to my own stupidity. One of them was from eggs left boiling in a pot (for hours while I was at class). Those left a nasty smell and I was lucky I found them when I did. I feel your pain..


  3. Chris- Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my entries, thanks.

    Your ending sentence got me to wonder what the damn thing was and what was going to happen if it was forgot about.

    Your opening certainly raised my curiousity about what blue magic is, and the stifling room with no windows is a nice descriptive tease thta left me wanting more.

    Glad the fire didn’t do more damage. It is always a risk to try and blog while something is cooking, for excactly that reason .Many a piece of toast has been blackened by me the same way. Best of luck!


  4. Thanks to both of you!

    I may actually post ‘Devin versus the Distinctive Sweater’ here in full sometime soon, though I’m not sure if the rest of the story will live up to that last sentence. It’s definitely tongue-in-cheek, a spy comedy written as a spoof of the TV show ‘Chuck’ – with a bit of the old Get Smart mixed in. Since it’s less than 2000 words, it shouldn’t be too much for a single post I suppose.

    The opening is inspired by an idea I’ve had for a new period fantasy – I want to have a world where there are different ‘schools’ of magic for each of the basic colors, with their own philosophies. I don’t really know why somebody would try to keep students of Blue magic in a space so totally foreign to it, since it seems to me that Blue magic would be in tune with open spaces and daytime skies and fresh breezes. Maybe I’ll figure that out later.

    I’ve finished reading other people’s New Creations entries, and I want to throw in a bonus opening sentence, though this was for a Roswell fanfic that I actually started a few days before the blogfest. It’s still quite fresh in my mind, though, and it serves as a nice contrast as an opening sentence I wrote when I wasn’t trying to write a great opening sentence:

    When Kyle Valenti and Tess Harding got home on the evening of February the fourteenth, it was nearly eleven o’clock.

    What do you think? Better or worse than the Blue magic?


  5. Madeleine says:

    It is fatal to cook and blog at the same time. I guess it’s a lesson we all learn. ;O)

    Both are very intriguing sentences, hooking in the reader.


  6. Taryn Tyler says:

    Both your sentences are very mysterious. You have to read more to find out what’s going on. I especially like the second one. So many ways you could go with that.


  7. Sorry to get to this so late. I just found your comment.

    What did he forget? I know in the title it’s a sweater. What would happen if he did?good cliffhanger.

    Your opening line is intriguing. DId the magician have to have a certain type of widow to perform this particular type of spell? Makes you wonder.



  8. Donna Hole says:

    I forgot eggs boiling on the stove. Did you know they explode eventually? What a yucky mess and worse smell. I’ve discovered the smoke detector in my house only goes off when I burn food, not when there is actual smoke or fire. Me and a kitchen don’t get along well 🙂 I’m glad this was not any worse than it was though.

    The ending sentence sure had attitude. Actually, the first line did too. Both were highly engaging. I think I would be laughing by the time I got the the end sentence; and I’m saying “ooh, what next” for the beginning sentence.

    Well done Chris.



  9. Dawn Embers says:

    Thanks for posting on mine. I like the idea of the blue magic, it’s got a bit of a visual and yet isn’t too specific so that it has much room to bloom into a story.


  10. Hi!

    I have to ask – are you an Adam, Anthony or….?
    Also, have you thought about enabling followers on your blog? It makes it far easier for people to follow you. Just a suggestion.

    Before I comment on your new creation entries, I noticed you’re from Hamilton, Canada. Small world that it is, my Aunty and Uncle lived there once, and my Uncle worked in Burlington! They now live in Brighton.

    I loved your last line and the title is amazing. I’m intrigued to read what went before.

    Your new first line is perfect. Who wouldn’t want to read on after the mention of blue magic?

    Great entries.


  11. Elena says:

    Great entries! sorry to hear about the fire.


  12. damyanti says:

    Lovely lines, full of attitude and voice…sorry for dropping by late, but have been travelling the last few days!


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