Fanart 10: Lots of small wallpapers.

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Well, I think I’m going to be wrapping up this fan art series soon, though I might still share some from time to time. This week, though, I’ve got a lot of recent examples of what I call ‘wallpaper’ fanart as opposed to story banners or signature banners – fanart that’s just supposed to be pretty and possibly illustrate a moment or theme from the fandom show. I did quite a bit of that in 2010, though I’ll probably be moving back to more story banners this year.

So I’ve got six little wallpapers to show, each from a different favorite TV show. First, from Roswell, a Michael/Maria shipper banner, drawing from two early season one episodes when those characters were just starting to relate to each other:

In this case, as is usual for my wallpaper, I thought of the theme and the copy first, and then went looking for vidcaps that would suit it – from two different sequences involving Michael, Maria, and a motel room.

Next, a banner for Aaron Sorkin’s sitcom ‘Sports Night’, centering around the final episode and the plot regarding the network being bought out by the mysterious company ‘Quo Vadimus.’

I love that shot in the lower left corner, from the scene where Jeremy tells Dana what the phrase ‘Quo Vadimus’ actually means, and she realizes that she missed the critical clue to the identity of their new owner.

Next, a wallpaper for Ephram Brown and Amy Abbot, from ‘Everwood’:

It was actually kind of hard just trying to sum up Ephram and Amy’s plot from the Everwood pilot in a single wallpaper, never mind the next four seasons!

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer wallpaper from season five, tracing the progress of the minor arc phrase ‘Death is your Gift’ and its climax in the season five finale:

I was trying to capture the little moment of epiphany from the episode where Buffy finally realizes the meaning of the phrase – the death of others is not a gift that she brings to them, and her own death is not a gift that somebody else is giving her. Rather, her death is a gift that is hers to give – to the one person she loves most in the world.

From Sunnydale to Los Angeles, an ‘Angel’ wallpaper featuring Fred Burkle, and the episode ‘Fredless’ where she finally accepts her place as part of the team:

It kinduv ended up being about Fred’s crazy rambles more than anything else, but that works.

And finally – a Smallville wallpaper, based on one of Clark and Lana’s scenes together in the pilot episode.

The dialog is Clark’s, pretending to speak on behalf of Lana’s dead parents, (which was a little joke that she played on him earlier in the same scene.)

So, I hope that you’ve enjoyed these wallpapers. Next week, I’ll be wrapping up the series by showing you some really old ones!

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