An iPhone riddle…

Is it an iPhone yet if it doesn’t have phone service?

So I went down to the Bell mobility store at the mall on Sunday and came back with a 32 gigabyte iPhone 4. There’s a lot of things I like about this little gizmo already – the touchscreen interface is pretty slick, and there’s an app specifically for moderating WordPress blogs.

But it looks like I won’t have mobile voice or data service from Bell until Tuesday next or so. This is because I wanted to move my home phone number to the iPhone, and apparently there was a holdup because Telus needed more information on the file before they’d port the number. (I don’t know what Telus has to do with my home phone at this moment, unless they work with Cogeco.)

I’m also rather planning to trade the 32 gigabyte model back in for the 16 gigabyte and save some cash, partly because I wasn’t blown away with the video player interface, and the only thing I’d really be using the extra storage for is videos. It’s still an alright video device, but trying to navigate within a particular vid with the slider is finicky, and I’ve been having recurring issues with the video player controls not coming up when I tap on the screen for them. So I think that the 16 gigabyte model is the way to go. But apparently Bell can’t do the exchange until the sim card is active with my number, so I’m waiting on that too.

That’s about all I have to ramble on about the iPhone for now, except for this: One of my goals for this year is to learn how to write smartPhone apps, particularly with NS basic/app, which is a tool that you can use to write javascript/html5 apps that will work the same way for iphone, ipad, droid, and some blackberries. That sounds a lot better to me than the iphone SDK way, which would involve getting a Mac and learning about objective C.

On another note, I’m disappointed that I completely forgot a significant contender for my favorite songs, not even mentioning it in the honorable mentions, so I’ll remedy that here. The tune in question is “You can always reach me” by the Canadian country/pop singer Amanda Stott. The lyrics are very pretty, perhaps not as much of a narrative as those of some of the other songs, but moving and poetic, and the voice and accompaniment work well together. I worked the song into a scene in one of my favorite Roswell fanfics, “Love will last forever.”

Catch you on the weekend!

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