Fanart flashbacks #11: The art of arranging

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I know I mentioned two weeks ago that in my next Fanart flashback, I’d be wrapping the series up with some of my earliest wallpapers, but then I decided to extend it one week, and wrap up with #12. This time, I’ll share a bunch of fanfiction banners, and talk about the different ways of actually arranging different video capture elements onto the banner canvas, since I kind of glossed over that before, and I was thinking about it as I struggled over my latest banner last weekend.

There’s no one pattern of arrangement that will work for every banner; it depends on what size and shape banner you want to end up with, (which depends on where you want to show it,) and what you want to include from the video captures.

This was a story that I wrote for a bidder in the Support Stacie auction, who specifically requested a Maria DeLuca/Oliver Queen pairing. Like most of the banners that I want to share on the Roswell Fanatics forum, it’s 550 pixels wide by 500 high, their usual size limit, which is one that I feel works well, and after trying a few things out I’ve decided that I generally prefer trying to work with that canvas from the start, rather than designing a larger version and then shrinking – though I still take that tack for firefly banners sometimes, since allows posting of larger fanarts.

Here, the question of arranging was fairly easy – since the story was all about the two leads, I just picked two pictures that I liked, arranged them more or less side by side as big as they’d fit, and put part of the text in the leftover area. The shot of Justin Hartley in the Green Arrow costume is a promotional picture from Smallville, not a DVD capture, since I don’t own any of the DVD box sets of Smallville for the period where he’s on the show.

This banner for the Kaylee prequel fanfic “The Mechanic Diaries” is one of the Firefly banners that I designed for 750*675, then shrunk down to fanatics size. allows images of any height, as long as they’re only 750 pixels wide, otherwise they’re forcibly shrunk to that width.

The layout here is fairly simple, four pictures in a two by two rectangular layout, as are many of the banners and wallpapers I’ve already shown you, (such as ‘My alien wife’, ‘Children of the Molecule’, and ‘Passing through the Storm.’) Here, though, there’s a small inset near the left side, of Kaylee’s face as she peers into the engine.

This banner for my Roswell Liz/Alex story ‘What makes it true?’ is basically a side by side arrangement, like the one for Arrow through my soul above, but I added small insets of the two characters actually together to liven it up a bit. Maybe they’re a little too small, but you only have so much canvas to work with in one of these banners.

In this banner, I wanted to give equal focus to each of the six main female characters, so I went with a two high by three wide layout, equal width and height for each picture, and most of them are head and shoulders shots, where I could find a closeup that I liked. Between all that, and the bars of text in between and at the bottom, there’s a ‘lineup’ effect that I think fits the tagline very nicely.

Finally, we have a banner that I did a month and a half ago, where there isn’t really much of an orderly layout – more than anything, it’s a two by three again, with two very miniaturized elements taking the place of one in the bottom right. And everything else is ragged, with few of the pictures meeting each other cleanly, for the reason that I was basically just jumbling each new vidcap in once I’d picked it. But I think I like the overall effect.

One Response to Fanart flashbacks #11: The art of arranging

  1. Nahno McLein says:

    Interesting post. I didn’t know anything about fanarts like this before.
    Once I did such a collage for my parents. It’s not the best, but it worked.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
    Nahno ∗ McLein


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