The groundhog day storm.

I started hearing things earlier this week about ‘the big storm’ that was going to hit on Wednesday – we haven’t really had a big snowstorm yet this winter, though the snowfall that hit the day I went down to Saint Catharines for the workshop was substantial. But everybody was talking about this one being a biggie, so I made sure that it would be possible to work from home if that came down to it. This is something that often is done on really bad-weather days at my job if some people think it would be dangerous or a tremendous PITA to get to the office.

As the snow started to pick up Tuesday night, I remember noticing that the streetlight glow through my bedroom drapes was so bright that it was distracting, and ended up putting on one of those eye mask deals. That was from all of the snow in the air and the ground, of course, reflecting the light around.

Wednesday morning, slept in till nearly seven, got up and turned on the local TV news, and they’re going through a big spiel of local closures and ‘If you don’t need to get on the road, don’t,’ so I figured that I wasn’t going in to work. Logged on to the office network, started working on the top item in my to-do list, and soon enough emails started coming in from the other team members confirming that they wouldn’t be coming in, so I added my me-too.

It was a fairly productive day for me, though I did somewhat run out of to-do items near the end of the afternoon, and actually turned on the DVR while keeping an eye on things and waiting for any critical emails or chat messages to come in. But once my ‘work day’ was over, I felt agitated and out of sorts. Working from home had thrown off my usual rhythms of the day somewhat, (and my ordinary eating schedule,) and even though there were lots of things on my new February projects list, I didn’t end up accomplishing much there – managed to get the new post up for the Diane Duane series, and a few personal emails that I wanted to deal with done by 8pm, and then managed to completely waste time and not get to bed early.

This morning I got dressed up in all of the regular winter gear and out in time for the 7am bus to work. It was mostly like any other day, except for all of the leftover snow still making it a bit hard to get around. I didn’t try to walk part of the way home like I often do, (or, only a much smaller part, taking a Burlington bus as well as the Hamilton one,) and was very glad that I had my new boots. In a way, it seems strange that I didn’t actually get out and see the storm firsthand yesterday, but then, isn’t it smarter to stay snug inside?

I guess that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll be able to work a blizzard into a good story sometime.

One Response to The groundhog day storm.

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    I feel so left out that we in Los Angeles have been missing out on all of this snowstorm fun. Well, maybe not that left out.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011


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