Fanart flashback #12: Coming full circle.

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Well, the day has come – I’m ending the fanart flashback tuesdays series here, and sharing two of the earliest fan wallpapers I ever made. These were from back in the fall of 2003, which was probably before I’d even heard of fanfic banners – though I’m not sure, because I was at Fanatics by then. Maybe I’d seen some but never really paid attention.

This first one is a fairly simple wallpaper for Smallville – almost a generic cover banner for the entire show, rather than trying to encapsulate a more specific message:

Both of these wallpapers use pictures that I scavenged off the web, mostly promotional, instead of DVD captures – I didn’t even have many DVDs back at that point. This Smallville wallpaper is sized at 512 pixels wide by 384 high, which is probably so that it’ll be at double size if stretched out to be the windows wallpaper for a 1024*768 resolution monitor. That’s also smaller than most of my Roswell banners, and small enough that I’d be able to post it on Fanatics without resizing.

The second wallpaper I’d like to share is for Angel:

It’s full-size for a 1024*768 windows wallpaper, and I think that it does a good job both of summing up the later seasons of the show, and also of summing up one of the iconic moments of the show – Angel’s “Champions” speech from the season four premiere, ‘Deep Down.’ I don’t really remember why I edited around the word ‘champions’, except maybe thinking that the other parts of the speech and the pictures would convey it, and that the word got a little overused in the last two seasons of the show.

So, thank you for tuning in to my rambling about fan art, and I’m glad that I shared something with at least a few people who didn’t know much about the topic. I’m not a fanart expert by any means, but I do enjoy experimenting with it. At some point I’ll try to put together a few blog posts about my experiences with fanvidding.

PS: Oh, before closing the series down for good, I’ve got to share one more wallpaper. This one is Firefly, from July of 2009, when I was still recovering somewhat from my stay in hospital. It’s commemorating another Kaylee/Simon moment, from the end of Jaynestown:

The pictures are from DVD capture, a two by two layout, and I don’t remember offhand quite how I ended up with an 1192*672 pixel canvas. (Click to view full size, and read the text more easily.)

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