Crusader spotlight – The Golden Eagle!

This is going to be another short spotlight, because I’ve been running around finishing things from my February to-do list – and helping with the Haggle. But I wanted to do a spotlight on another crazy crusader, and in fact, I’ve decided to officially change Blogosphere Monday into the Crusader spotlight for the duration of the Platform-building Crusade!

So – the Golden Eagle has a cool writing blog. She’s preparing for the A-Z challenge in April, she’s a Nanowrimo winner, and a Ninja novelist. Also, she absolutely fooled me with her first Crusader challenge entry – I thought that she couldn’t swim, but… well, I’ll let you read the spoiler for yourself!

6 Responses to Crusader spotlight – The Golden Eagle!

  1. Trisha says:

    I was already following her pre-Crusade, too 😀 Her blog is great!


  2. Alison says:

    What an awesome idea! I think we should all “pimp” each other. Hmmmm. (Yes – that is me thinking.)

    Fellow crusader! Nice to meet you!


  3. I get up, check my email, and this post is sitting in my inbox. Thank you so much for spotlighting me!


  4. louise says:

    Trying to follow everyone on the crusade. Thought I was half way through – I was, but only on page one! I’ve another two pages to do yet. Aghhh! Anyway, nice to meet you here. Hope you’ll pop over to mine. I’m trying to start a “review club”.
    Louise x


  5. Tony Benson says:

    Golden Eagle’s blog is always interesting. Definitely worth following. Well spotlighted!


  6. Kari Marie says:

    I’ve been following eagle for a while. She’s awesome.


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