Wizard World Toronto Comic Con flashback

I’ve mostly finished packing for Wizard World, starting tomorrow, and so I’d like to spend a little time down on memory lane with my memories of Wizard World last year, since I wasn’t blogging then to tell you all about it.

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con 2010 was the first fandom convention I ever went to, really. I won the weekend pass at one of the Toronto fan clubs – I can’t even remember if it was Buffy or Firefly, and I loved the whole trip.

Possibly the highlight of the entire weekend was meeting Magda Apanowicz, who I’d never really heard of before I got there. I attended the Galactica/Caprica panel on Friday night because it sounded like fun, though at that point I had only:

  1. Seen the miniseries and a few episodes of S1 of Battlestar Galactica (still true, though it’s a few more by now.)
  2. Not even started watching Caprica
  3. Forgotten to set my DVR to record Caprica half the time, because I wasn’t used to actually going up to the Space channel when looking to see “Hey, it’s Friday night, is anything good on?”
  4. Particularly forgotten to set the DVR to record Caprica before I left for work Friday morning the day that Wizard World started.

But the panel was pretty good – they showed about fifteen minutes of that week’s episode as a screener, it was the mid-season finale, and I was excited enough that I rushed back to my hotel to watch the rest of it.

The next day, I showed up for Madga’s photo op, went over to her booth to get it signed, and hung out for a while. She just seemed very excited to be there and friendly, which was a bit more than I could say for Jewel Staite, who I’d been more excited to meet, not that I hold it against anybody for not being ‘up’ as a convention guest.

So, that’s enough rambling about Magda, I think. Let’s see. I was supposed to be in the Toronto Browncoats group picture with Jewel Staite, but I wandered away from the photo op line to watch the Kick-Ass panel, and got back just a few seconds too late, so I got a second picture with Jewel instead. (It’s possibly because of me that the person organizing the group Buffy photo ops this year is including a warning about ‘You must be in line by such-and-such time to get in the picture.)

The other thing that really stands out in my memory is the screening of ‘The Wild Hunt’ on Saturday evening. This was really late, it started around eight maybe, as the rest of the convention was closing up for the day, and lasted maybe until ten thirty. It was kind of a spooky movie too, with this guy whose girlfriend has gone to some kind of crazy week-long LARP in the woods with his brother, but she let another team capture her away from the Brother’s team, and refuses to go back with the main character when he comes to the game and asks her to come back to the city. The brother convinces him to join a night raid to win her back, and things start to get really out of hand.

I’ll slip one slightly sad note in here at the end of my post – I got the ‘We regret to inform you…’ email from Clarion today. Ah, well. Still waiting to hear from Clarion West, and I haven’t quite gotten my Odyssey application together. Wish me luck. Hopefully all the excitement over Wizard World this year will keep me from getting too bummed.

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