One week until Script Frenzy starts. How’s my Board?

Well, here I am. It’s less than 7 days until the start of April starts. In one week, I’ll have started my screenplay.

The original plan was that I’d have my ‘board’ of forty scene beats nearly worked out by now. So, what does that board look like so far?

Yeah, it’s not even quite hung up on the wall yet. I still need to borrow a drill from my Mom and take care of that little practical detail. And my back isn’t up to actually putting notes down on the board before it’s hung at a reasonable height.

I have to give myself some props, though, for actually having found and purchased a bulletin board, and also stocking up on the index cards and push-pins to use with it. This is more planning than I often manage to accomplish!

I’ve also jotted out a few ideas for cards to stick up onto the board – all since I got home from work this evening, I have to admit. Still, I think I’ve got a fairly good outline through into Act Three…

Act One:

1. Finishing up the salvage run.
2. Lost in hyperspace.
3. Meeting the locals.
4. The court names them hyperspace refugees.
5. Bryan looks for a way home.
6. The story of the Space Mafia.
7. Walter and Bryan argue about the mafia.
8. Walter looks for a job nearby.
9. Bryan convinces Walter to come meet with the Mafia lady.
10. Passing messages through the connected grapevine.
Act Two, pre-Midpoint:

11. Arriving at Colann’s mansion, meeting Esani at the airlock.
12. Colann shows them her map, and finds a landmark close to Earth.
13. They agree to do Colann a favor in exchange.
14. Esani talks to Bryan as he leaves.
15. Walter tells Bryan off about flirting with Esani.
15. Colann gets them a job at the casino.
16. Esani shows up at the casino, talks more with Bryan.
17. Walter gets message about ‘visiting’ the asteroid fuel station.
18. On the way to the asteroid station, Colann tells them the robbery plan.
19. Robbing the station.
20. A chase scene – without asteroids, please.

Act Two, post-Midpoint:
21. They meet up with Colann, and she tells them how this score was for them, not for her.
22. On their way back to the casino, the cops question them.
23. Kevlan comes to Bryan’s table, drops a lot of money, walks away smiling.
24. In the middle of the night, somebody breaks into Walter and Bryan’s ship – it’s Colann!
25. Colann explains the plan for spying on Kevlan.
26. Bryan meets Esani at a lunar domed city, and she tells him about Kevlan’s real identity, and Colann’s signature trick.
27. Bryan goes outside on the lunar crater, feeling trapped.
28. Walter takes the ship out to find Bryan, and nearly crashes.
29. As the three of them, they start to work out a counter-plan.
30. Walter and Bryan go to Kevlan’s base to start with Colann’s plan.

5 Responses to One week until Script Frenzy starts. How’s my Board?

  1. Lydia K says:

    Sounds very exciting. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck on finishing your screenplay. I love the name Esani, btw.


  2. Susanna says:

    I find plotting a complete nightmare, so this is very interesting, to see you actually putting it into practice. I’ve read a lot of books, but it’s not the same thing as an actual example. I will look forward to more! Good Luck!!!


  3. It sounds like a great screenplay so far!

    I’ve never put together a board or tried using notes–it’s interesting to see the process!


  4. YAY! *applauds your effort to buy the bulletin board, pushpins, etc* You made it sound like you barely had anything done, but by the looks of your outline so far, you’re doing super well. Don’t underestimate the task at hands. Outlines are difficult.

    โค Gina Blechman


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