My Wizard world diary – day three

Crusader spotlight has been pre-empted tonight to bring you the conclusion of my Wizard World series. I expect that I’ll have plenty of plug posts in April – especially featuring blogs that start with letters that are otherwise hard to come up with A-Z posts for!

After buffet breakfast, (including some sadly uninspiring french toast,) and working on some editing in my hotel room, I packed my things and checked out of the hotel a little before 11am. Carried my suitcase over to the streetcar, and so on to the convention, where I gratefully left it under the care of friends at the Can’t stop the Serenity table, and making a ‘donation to their charitable society’ as thanks. (They were collecting for Equality Now, I’m not sure if I mentioned that last time.)

I enjoyed the Battlestar Galactica panel with the chief and Ellen Tigh – even though there were lots of spoilers about cylons, since I’m still not very far through Galactica season one.

Then the big Buffyfest panel.

Nicholas joined, though he wasn’t scheduled for this panel, so it was all of the Buffy guests but Julie Benz, who I think was only available for Saturday.

There was lots of fun banter between them all.

The MC was dressed up as a goth fangirl, and Mark wrestling with her a little at the end and mimed biting her.

I met up with Aaron Douglas at his booth, and he signed the photo op picture and didn’t charge me any extra for it. We chatted a bit about how I was still so behind on Galactica, and how much I’d enjoyed Caprica, which he hadn’t seen yet.

I finally dropped by one of the art booths that I’d noticed with an offer to draw sketches of customers in fantasy outfits, so I have a cardboard sketch of myself as a wizard, which was a bit of a pain getting home as it was too big to fit in my little suitcase. I ended up leaving it poking out of the top of the laptop case, with a plastic grocery bag overtop to give it a little protection.

Then it was up to the Doctor Who fan panel, which was kind of disorganized but lots of fun.

The fan panelists, (from the Anime North committee?) were all dressed up – there was an Amy Pond, two Tenth Doctors, one Lady Christina de Souza, and a Jack Harkness.

I got lots of photos with the panel members, and also a girl who’d come dressed up as Romana afterwards.

Then I stayed for a little of costuming with the rebel legion, left early to pick up my ‘cargo’ and get to the train.

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