Approximately 2 and a half hours to Script Frenzy…

Script Frenzy index

And I’m feeling really ready and excited!

First – the ‘after’ shot of my bulletin cork board, since last week:

Securely mounted on my bedroom wall, with 41 scene cards indicating setting, overall beat, shift in emotional tone, and a vague notion of a conflict. I’m feeling very ready, like the plan is even more together than it was for Nanowrimo last November.

The reason I have 41 scene cards instead of just 40 is because I got all of them noted and counted on the computer, then realized that I had 2 scenes numbered 15. You can see them in last week’s post actually. But a few extra scenes isn’t a problem, either according to ‘Save the Cat’ or in terms of actual space on the board.

UPDATE: I just remembered that I wanted to share the final 10 beats with you, since I hadn’t come up with them last week, so here’s Act Three of the movie…

31. Kevlan offers to search his own records for anything that they can use to find Earth with.

32. While Kevlan is searching, Walter and Bryan fake planting the bugs, for the benefit of Colann’s real snoopers inside their clothing.

33. Kevlan comes out and offers his regrets, and Bryan thanks him and they leave.

34. Once they’re back at the ship, Walter immediately uses a matter catapult (used to get rid of hazardous waste they find aboard wrecks they’re salvaging) to get rid of the micro-explosives.

35. Colann thanks them for a job well done, and gives them co-ordinates for where they’re supposed to rendezvous with her mansion.

36. Kevlan ignores those and plugs in a hyperspace jump for a different rendezvous point – that they agreed on with Esani before leaving.

37. Esani arrives at the rendezvous.

38. Flashback of Esani getting the Earth co-ordinates from Colann’s map room while Colann was distracted with the surveillance footage of Bryan at Kevlan’s base.

39. Esani says that she wants to go with them, even though it’ll be a long trip home

40. Salvage ship jumps off in the direction of Earth.

In other Script Frenzy news, I had a great time at the Hamilton Kick-off party tonight, catching up with my Co-ML and meeting two new people – well, one person who I’ve sent many messages back and forth with, and one who I met at the Chester’s writer’s circle, so neither of them are brand new. But it was still fun, even when the two of them were going back and forth about LARPing jokes.

And, on the ride home, I got up to 50 hours and a spare minute or two for NaNoEdMo – which reminds me, I still need to update my hours on the EdMo site.

See you tomorrow for A-Z challenge. I’ve decided that in addition to the usual rules, I’m going to try to make a lot of my A-Z posts be words that are particularly meaningful to me, that I like or have something to speak my mind about. So stay tuned to learn lots more about Chris Kelworth.

5 Responses to Approximately 2 and a half hours to Script Frenzy…

  1. Donna Hole says:

    Good luck Chris – on both script frenzy and A-Z. Your organizational skills astound me 🙂



  2. Oohhh! That is fancy. I love it. That is one long corkboard!


  3. This is great. I’ve yet to try the storyboard this. But one of these days . . .


  4. pawnhandler says:

    This is exciting!! I just couldn’t survive even the first day of script frenzy last year! I love NaNoWriMo, though, so I may try script frenzy next year! Best of luck!


  5. Andrea S. Michaels says:

    Wow talk about being prepared and structured!! You’re amazing!


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