K is for…

Kaylee is my favorite character from ‘Firefly.’ Not just because she’s pretty, though she is. (Actually, in their own way, most of the Big Damn Heroes are pretty.) But also…

  • She’s sweet and chipper without being stupid.
  • She’s unlike any other spaceship engineer I’ve ever met before.
  • She can’t make much account of herself in a shooting fight, and that’s okay.

I’ve written four Firefly fanfic stories at this point, and including Kaylee is always a high point – in fact, one of them, “The Mechanic Diaries”, is entirely a prequel of Kaylee’s life aboard Serenity before the Big Damn Pilot began, and another, “The Bellerophon Baty Engine Heist,” was written just because I wanted to do an angsty Kaylee/Simon shipper piece set before the Big Damn Movie.

I’ll close this blog entry with one of my favorite lines from the beginning of The Mechanic Diaries – Kaylee’s parting words to the previous mechanic, Bester:

“I didn’t tell your Captain… my Captain now I guess, nothin’ but the truth. Ain’t my fault if you don’t know a bad reg couple from your own big toe! I won’t apologize neither for showin’ you up, not if it got me this opportunity. If you took care of that there Firefly right, and nothin’ would have happened to your job. But you didn’t, an’ she was cryin’ out for someone who would put her to rights. I’m just the one that heard her, is all.”

4 Responses to Kaylee

  1. Avatar139 says:


    All of your points regarding Kaylee are brillant and delightfully insightful, but as I think I’ve expressed to you in the past, to me the one thing about her ability to be cheerful while not irritating (especially to me, as NOTHING in this Verse sets me teeth on edge more than unwarranted optimism to the point where I actually view it as completely redundant concept πŸ˜‰ is less of a character trait on her part and more of a gorram super power!

    Her development of a friendship with River is really up there on the list of things that I really would’ve liked to have seen further developed on Firefly as despite their vast differences, I think they had a lot of traits in common (and I’m not just talking about being driven crazy by Simon’s behavior ;)!


  2. Trisha says:

    I LOVE Kaylee!! One of my favourite moments from her was the “twixt my nethers” quote πŸ˜›


  3. Sandi Ormsby says:

    That photo reminds me of Tracy Gold from Growing Pains?


    Sorry, don’t follow FireFly


  4. Firefly was amazing and always will be..Official Browncoat here…LOL


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