X is for…

Well, this is the point at which I geek out, it seems.

I’ve been using Xubuntu of one sort or another on my eeePC netbook for a few years now, I guess. When I wanted to move on from the hokey Xandros OS that came with the eeePC, there were a bunch of eeePC specific linux OS installers around, and I picked eeeXubuntu because it seemed to have a reasonably good support community at eeeuser, where I was already familiar with the wiki and forums.

But I quickly came to appreciate Xubuntu’s mix of power and user-friendliness, with the Thunar file explorer (reassuringly like Windows XP’s in a lot of important ways,) the down and dirty mousepad text editor, and the global keyboard shortcuts that let me give all my favorite programs an easy to remember shift-key combination, so that I don’t need to worry about how to add anything to the start menu. (Good thing too, because the Xubuntu start menu, on the other hand, is ARCANE! I still don’t really know the details of where and how I’d need to construct a shortcut file to get Celtx on my eeePC start menu.)

And behind the Xfce desktop environment, of course, is all the power of the Ubuntu operating system core, with the Synaptic package manager to make it easy to find new software packages to install, like OpenOffice, Gambas programming tool, Unison to sync my work with a flash drive, and so on.

I wanted to update the Ubuntu version on the eeePC over the winter, and I tried the ‘Ubuntu netbook remix’ version first. But I wasn’t impressed with that interface – it seemed to have its own ideas about what people should be using netbook computers for, and customizing it to the purposes I wanted seemed like too much of a pain. So I went back to Xubuntu, Maverick Meerkat version, which has worked well ever since.

Okay – that’s X taken care of. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for Y or Z. Actually, I have one notion for Y. And I’m definitely not going to do Zombies for Z. 😉

UPDATE! Pictures, at the request of Michael. First, I took a desktop screen capture from inside Xubuntu:

There you can see the profiles dialog for the Unison sync tool I use to copy files back and forth off the flash drive easily, and my home directory in Thunar.

And here’s pictures of the eee PC open, taken with and without the flash on my camera. (The flash completely washed out the screen, making it look black.) On the non-flash picture, you can see OpenOffice with a new chapter in progress for my Roswell/Doctor Who crossover, and in both shots you can see the brown Kingston 1gig flash drive inserted into one of the USB ports, and the 16gig SDHC card half-ejected from its slot.

3 Responses to Xubuntu

  1. Michael says:

    YOu should include pics so I can see the eeeeepc.


    • Michael:

      I included a pic of the eeepc with cover closed (so you can appreciate my collection of stickers!) under the A-Z post for Netbooks.

      I’ll try to post a pic that shows the screen with Xubuntu running later today.


  2. Robin says:

    I’ve become a Xubu fanboi since I discovered it. Especially after having tried a Debian net-install with Xfce and spending two MONTHS trying to get it to work right… when I finally got (almost) what I wanted, it turned out to be very little different from Xubuntu! Except that it just worked – in MINUTES instead of MONTHS. Fast, pretty, simple, configurable, wicked cool. I wish I knew how to create a Xubu Fan Club!


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