A-Z extra post by request: The Umbrella rant.

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A few people mentioned that they wanted to see my ‘angry rant about umbrellas’ that I said I wasn’t going to write last week for U, so here it is.

I’m not angry at umbrellas. I’m angry at myself for forgetting umbrellas and leaving them behind. Not always – I do relatively often take an umbrella when I leave my apartment in the morning and actually still have it with me when I come back home. But over the long term, it seems like I never keep an umbrella with me without leaving it somewhere.

I lost a good sturdy full-size umbrella on the 31st of March. I remember having it when I got to Williams Cafe on the Hamilton Harbourfront for the Hamilton Script Frenzy party, and I suspect that I lost track of it when switching tables so that one of my new friends could plug in her laptop, since it had battery issues. I asked at the counter the next time I went there, but nobody had turned it in to the lost and found.

And a little black umbrella with a telescoping shaft went astray last Thursday, actually – or at least, I assume that it’s gone forever. I remembered having it with me when I was walking home from work – the weather was fine by then, so it was sitting on my work bag. The next time I actually thought about it was when I was getting ready to leave on Friday morning, because the forecast was threatening rain again.

That umbrella I actually lost, and then got back again, in San Francisco last November. I realized a few minutes after getting off a tour bus that I had left it behind, and called the Super sightseeing tours office, but they had closed by that point. I was able to reach somebody the next morning, though, and a driver dropped it off with the hotel desk, which was very nice of them.

A year or two ago, when I was walking long distances in the evening in order to get exercise and lose weight, I got into the habit of carrying little umbrellas when the weather was threatening, because getting caught out in a sudden summer thunderstorm was not fun. I actually had two umbrellas in a row break in the wind instead of getting lost, and I felt obscurely proud of that.

Friday afternoon, after work, I went into the Wal-mart and bought two more umbrellas, one big long sturdy one, and another smaller with the telescoping handle. We’ll see how long they last, and if they get lost or actually broken.

The rant, such as it is, endeth here.

8 Responses to A-Z extra post by request: The Umbrella rant.

  1. roguemutt says:

    I usually leave my umbrellas in the car.


  2. Trisha says:

    Nice rant! 😉 I have an umbrella that is rather small, but is meant to be able to withstand extremely high winds, because of the metal it’s made of. It did blow inside out on a recent windy day, but didn’t break. So far so good!


  3. I am exactly the same with watches. My mum one year bought me two for christmas knowing how bad I was. They weren’t expensive or anything but one was dirt cheap for back up purposes. Sure enough something happened to both of them.

    I’ve probably lost an umbrella aswell but curiously I acquired a couple of them in New Zealand (probably running back from bbqs in the rain!)


  4. Vicki Tremper says:

    That’s how I am with sunglasses! Which is why I only buy cheap pairs of sunglasses at the drug store or from those kiosks at highway rest stops. The pair I have currently I have owned for a couple of years, but they don’t fit well anymore. They slide off my face when I look down. Very annoying. But I figure I’ll lose them soon enough.

    Thanks for sharing the umbrella rant and good luck with your 2 new ones!


    • I’m actually very good with keeping track of my sunglasses lately – but then, I’ve been using expensive prescription sunglasses for the past few years. Once I accidentally left my regular glasses behind at the office when I left wearing sunglasses, and had to go back to get them.

      Don’t think I’ve left a watch behind since I was very little – remember forgetting one in a public bathroom on a family road trip.


  5. Ha, great it’s the umbrella rant. My gosh I’m the same way with umbrellas. and once you leave an umbrella behind you’ll never see it again cuz for some reason finding an umbrella that someone lost is like hitting the jackpot!


  6. Regina says:

    Sometimes they can be so inconvenient. Either too small or too big to carry around and bulky. I have a huge umbrella that fits two people nicely. I do always forget it in the truck when I need to get to the truck most times. 🙂


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