I’ll be going Story-wonking

I mentioned that I won a free admission to a Storywonk writing workshop about discovering your voice. The first class is going to be on Sunday afternoon.

I’m looking forward to it, but also… curious as far as what this is going to be like. I’ve never really done a writing class online like this, unless you count the college extention elective I took while I was at York University, and I imagine that was different, partly because everything online was so different back then.

Which reminds me – when I started those two summer courses online, my parent’s house was still on a limited-hours dial-up internet package from AOL canada, and I remember asking somebody if the powerpoint video-type lectures (for the business class, not the writing one?) could be saved on the PC and played back when the computer was offline. Turns out no, they couldn’t. It was probably something along the lines of streaming video, which I didn’t even know the word for back in 1998. And so, because of that class, we found another ISP that offered unlimited dial-up.

But yeah, I don’t know much about what this class will be like, aside from the blurb about the subject matter, and:

  1. I’ll get emails with links to take me to each class.
  2. There are live class sessions on Sunday afternoon, though I can access the recording later if I can’t make it then.
  3. There’s some kind of a discussion forum.
  4. I’m supposed to ‘bring’ either a one-sentence idea for a story I want to write, or a novel that I think is missing layers and depth.

I’m considering ‘bringing’ the current draft of the Long Way Home, because it does sort of fit the bill there.

Wish me luck, and I’ll report back sometime next week.

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