I mentioned the CSSF Writer’s workshops last time, but I was just checking the website this morning when I realized that the remaining spots could be running out any day now, and the final deadlines are June 1st in any case.

I cannot wait to hear back from Odyssey to apply for these opportunities. I also just noticed today that there’s a lot of interesting programs with the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, and I’m going to try to qualify for two of them – the Short Fiction Workshop, and the Novel Writing Workshop.

So, I need two different writing samples. For Short Fiction, I’m going to start with ‘The Landing’, since that piece got me as far as the Odyssey waiting list, and I’ve got some good feedback to try a QUICK rework, based on the critters.org critiques I got, and Jeanne’s notes that she passed along when she first told me about the waiting list.

And for the Novel Writing workshop, you’re supposed to bring a book that is well started, but not more than half complete, and send in the first 5-10 pages as a sample. There’s only one piece of writing I have on the go that can really fit the bill there.

Star Patrol.

I do want to turn that story into a novel, and the blogisodes I posted in December through February make a good two chapters of a first draft. So, I want to review them as quickly as possible to send along. And I need to figure out who I can get to give me some good notes in a hurry.


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  1. I have my fingers crossed for you. I hope you get some good news soon! 🙂


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