More iphone App updates

Well, as I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve gotten back to messing around a little with NSBasic App Studio and my iPhone over May.

So I thought I’d share a few examples of what I’ve been up to. The first app idea I had was for a little date calculator to answer questions like ‘What day is 90 days from Halloween’ or ‘How many days are between my birthday and Christmas’?

For things like this, it’s been really easy to use NSBasic App to arrange elements on the iPhone screen and not that hard to tell it what I want it to do with them either. Here’s what the DateCalc app looks like when it’s working:

And the code that runs the ‘Date difference’ screen:

The second app I did isn’t as fun or sensible to look at, but I’m excited about the concept, because it lets the iPhone work as an interface to a program working on a website. The website reverses whatever you enter as ‘to spin’, saves both results in a data file, and sends back the file record ID, and the reversed ‘spin’ to the iphone.

I’m including some of the code for the program on the website.

So, I feel like I’m getting a bit confident in this app development stuff, and ready to ask questions of more experienced people soon – like ‘Just how do I use a listbox that doesn’t pop down, but takes up multiple lines on the screen all the time?

One Response to More iphone App updates

  1. Lydia K says:

    cool. I am thinking of getting an iphone soon. IT’s time to jump into the app world…


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