It’s Memorial Day.

Today, I’m wishing a memorable Memorial Day to all you Americans.

Here in Canada, we have our May long weekend one week before you. I actually think it’s kinda funny how that works out.

Memorial day is specified to be the last Monday in May.
May has 31 days.
Victoria day in Canada is specified to be the Monday on or immediately before May 24th, which was Queen Victoria’s birthday.
Since 31-24=7, it always works out to be exactly one week away, no more and no less.

One Response to It’s Memorial Day.

  1. avatar139 says:

    Thanks for the well wishing!

    We had a great time at the shared house I’m currently living in doing a ceremony to welcome back someone from down the street who just got back from Afghanistan for the weekend!

    I was surprised how many people showed up to the event (although probably not nearly as much as the recipient was as he was given no warning to the festivities 😉 as the fire department sent a truck, along with the vice mayor and a rep from our local Congressmen’s office (all veterans themselves) showed up to welcome the SSG back.

    The Warrior’s Watch Riders which is a local veterans motorcycle club that helps veterans adjust to the (albeit in this case brief) transition to civilian life and several other veteran groups were heavy in attendance as well and so a fun time was had by all!


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