May goals update! Much accomplished!

So, checking in on my list of creative to-do items for May, I feel like I’ve really done very well:

  • Finished all three fanfic chapters I wanted to write. The new installment of “Un-brotherly love’ is a little shorter than I had planned, but it came to a good chapter break point.
  • I added four titles to my master fanfic tracker spreadsheet, which was enough to figure out that it wasn’t all that hard.
  • I submitted four stories for magazine publication!
  • I’ve finished reading and critiquing a novel manuscript from
  • I’ve visited a lot of cool blogs.
  • I had a great time with the Storywonk workshop, and posted all of the ‘homework assignments’ on the private forum.
  • I’ve completed tracking spreadsheets for all of the critters comments I got for ‘The Landing’ and ‘Harry and Mars’

This, in addition to other cool but unplanned stuff like getting into the CSSF workshop, and getting the air conditioner repaired.

I’ve started on the list of June goals to accomplish, as follows:

  1. Clean off living room table.
  2. Make preparations for Kansas workshop
  3. Rewrite ‘Won’t somebody think of the Children.’
  4. Send ‘Children’ in for Createspace proof.
  5. Get ‘most productive critter’ credit.
  6. Submit 3 stories for publication.
  7. Revise ‘Landing’ and ‘Harry and Mars’ for Kansas workshop.
  8. Post comments on 50 different writing blogs.
  9. Post at least once a week on NaNoPubYe forum.
  10. Enter 25 stories into fanfic tracker.
  11. Finish new chapters on all 3 fandom WIPs (again.)

The mpc will be fun, or insane, I’m not sure which. You have to critique something like 10 different stories within 6 days, and in return, over and above the regular critters ratio points you earn, you get a special credit that lets you ‘jump the queue’ and get your next piece in front of the readers a few weeks early.

So – do you have a to-do list for June?

4 Responses to May goals update! Much accomplished!

  1. K. Howard says:

    I do not have a June to-do list, but if I did yours would put mine to shame. Best of luck to your June endeavors. Congrats on CSSF. And happy writing!


  2. Oh Wow… I don’t think I get that much done in a month. I only have one item on my list every month and I usually fall short of completing it. In fact, I’m still working on that manuscript.

    May the force be with you. That is awesome work.


  3. Regina says:

    I have a million things to do for June, but no list. I have not been that organized and have paid dearly for it. I hope to be able to create obtainable goals for me this month. 🙂


  4. 4th guy says:

    To survive mainly 🙂
    Just kidding, I have assignments to hand in and then I can write.
    So far I’m thinking about this story that popped into my head two Sunday mornings ago, but that’ll be a side-project for now.


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