My Browncoat Fridge Magnet Poetry Journey, 2

My second try didn’t come into focus. I’m speaking mostly about the camera, here:

I may try to take another shot, but here’s the transcript:

Kaylee hammock layer cake dress  quaint doctor  pretty cunning wiles  lipstick Geisha TRAP!

volunteer  poetical unification kiss because you’re pretty  whoa pretties  define interesting

strawberry reward  shiny let’s be bad guys  wacky fun tussle

man parts weapon heist  pulse beacon ‘twixt my nethers too much hair

flyin’  ruttin’ rainstick  I don’t wanna explode  Equality Now

safeword lovebot batteries  turbulence  bushwacked Goodnight kiss

we’ve done the impossible

And I just want to say, to the makers of the set – it’s good, but you could really add some more verbs.

UPDATE: Wider shot, covering more of the fridge, seems to have worked on the focus problem. Note to self, don’t get too close to your poetry. 😉

One Response to My Browncoat Fridge Magnet Poetry Journey, 2

  1. Mike says:

    LOL…nice. I suppose that’s one way to go about creating some art.


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