Prove the Zombies wrong! Social platforms can build readership.

I got this missive in my inbox yesterday:

Subject: My Zombies Challenge You to Prove Them Wrong About Social Media

I have a previously workshopped story up on Tales of the Zombie War.  Now, one thing I’m a bit of a zombie about is the alleged power of social media.  I’m just not convinced that it does all that much to increase readership or sales.  But it strikes me that this might be an opportunity for those of you who have drank the social media cool-aid to prove me wrong.  Tales of the Zombie War is one of those places where readers can leave comments.  Typically, a story on this site averages 25 comments.  So throw your followers at me, urge them to check out my story and leave comment.  If the power of your social network raises the comment count to 40 or greater, I will have to admit I am Luddite and will wear a t-shirt so saying to the next Campbell Conference.  Here’s the link:

Now, Chuck is a really great writer, the winner of the best revised story at the short fiction workshop that I just got back from in Kansas, and you really should check out his story, because you’ll probably like it a lot.

But also – for reasons of my own, I really would love to prove Chuck wrong about this and make him wear that t-shirt.

So please, for my sake, go to the link and post a comment whether you enjoyed reading the story or not! Thanks very much.

Update – well, as of the afternoon of July 28th, we’re at 26 posts and rising. There’s still plenty of time to reach 40, unless interest dies off entirely. If you want to take part in the battle between social media and zombies, please link on your blog, facebook, or twitter – either to me, or directly to Chuck’s story on the talesofworldwarz site. Together, we can do it!

8 Responses to Prove the Zombies wrong! Social platforms can build readership.

  1. Linda C. says:

    I will do my best! You were my blog’s Wednesday visit, and I posted the entry to Google+. Crossing my fingers!


  2. I did visit and noticed a couple other people had visited at your request, but still a long ways from 40 comments!!! Bummer. I wonder how many people you have asked to visit? I bet for every 20 people asked, you get one response. The only time I have seen social media work is when something is outrageously funny or shocking enough to go viral, or if someone is such a faithful and dedicated follower that people respond to their request out of gratitude. but in reality we have time to be dedicated followers to only a dozen or so people…


    • Yeah, it’s a bit tough. But still, there’s plenty of time until the next Campbell Conference. I’m not going to give up my fight against the Luddite Zombies. 😉 And maybe a few more social people will take up the cause.


  3. I visted your bloggy friend!


  4. Visited and commented! 🙂


  5. Blake says:

    Done and commented.


  6. tanya reimer says:

    Oh I stopped by to read it! What a freaking cool story, eh!


  7. Hello from the campaign. Well, I don’t know if the site was telling me I was the 40th or 41st comment. Either way, this guy is going to wear that shirt. Had to do it after Rachael’s campaign and twitter took me from 6 to 60 followers in less than a month. I’m a humor campaigner. SF and fantasy too, but the fantasy groups were full.


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