Searchers in the Files

Okay, following a meme from Elizabeth Twist and LG Smith, I’ll share some of the most popular and strange search terms I’ve found on my blog statistics. I hope that you find them interesting. We’ll start with the popular ones.

  1. ‘short dialog’ is easily the most popular search term for my blog ever, and I’m not quite sure why so many people are searching for short dialog instead of long dialog. But they end up here: A short dialog exercise.
  2. ‘extra post’. Again, I find this a bit puzzling. Are these people trying to figure out how to squeeze an extra post into their own blogs, or looking for extra posts that have been added to other blogs? But I do love A-Z extra post by request: The Umbrella rant, and I hope that the searchers like it too.
  3. ‘elizabeth twist’. This might be for people who are searching for Elizabeth’s own blog, but on instead of her home at blogspot. At least I include a link to her, as well as sing her praises, here: E is for Elizabeth Twist
  4. ‘small wallpapers’. I hope that they enjoy all the fandom-y goodness here: Fanart 10: Lots of small wallpapers.
  5. ‘summer glau’. Any Summer Glau fans will hopefully love the story of my meeting her: Fan Expo Diary – Part Two
  6. ‘serenity analysis’. Beat sheet for the win! Beat sheet analysis for ‘Serenity’ (spoiler warning.)
  7. ‘iphone riddle’. The answer is… An iPhone riddle…
  8. ‘diane duane’. There’s a lot that this could lead to, but maybe they’ll start with A Wizard of Mars – Chapter One
  9. ‘save the cat chapter 2’. Hopefully, this will help explain it without giving away too many of Blake Snyder’s secrets: Blog the Cat, Chapter 2 – Story Genres
  10. ‘alphasmart dana’. I’ve talked about my Dana in several places, but dedicated this post to it: Dana by Alphasmart
  11. ‘tess harding’. An interesting search term, but it could lead to my tribute to R is for Roswell or Fanfiction flashback: Not Written Yet
  12. ‘firefly fan art’. Well, I shared some here: Fanart 9: Two Firefly Banners

And, for the stranger search terms:

  • “that’s what i did and you came back to me”
  • buffy/lindsey fanfiction
  • davis smallville chloe nanowrimo
  • faith hill & roswell
  • games on alphasmart dana
  • glau fan expo brown guy
  • how busy is the go transit bus from hamilton on saturday nights?
  • mike kelworth
  • roswell liz swaps with tess
  • screenwriting on the dana alphasmart
  • stringing in writing
  • the louvre sweater
  • viable paradise waiting list
  • where i made my passport im in herkimer
  • yahoo game where you put characters in which room
  • you can’t go home again billy joel

If you’ve got a blog that lets you see search terms that led readers to you, share your favorites and comment here to let me go look!

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