Coming soon to a business card near you…

For a while, I’ve thought it would be good to have business cards for the blog, that I can hand out at writer’s meetings or conventions to interested people, that kind of thing. With two big conventions coming up around the end of the month, I decided to actually get moving on it.

Getting a card design actually started at the print-online website for Staples Copy and Print Center – I looked through some of the stock designs, didn’t really like any of them, and ended up creating my own layout based on their requirements for uploading your own business card design:

And a little blurb on the back:

I ended up not going with Staples, because their prices for a double-sided card seemed unreasonable, and didn’t have an option for full color on the front and only black-and-white on the back. Considered Vistaprint, then decided it would be better not to rely on shipping, (and there were a few worrying customer reviews out on the net.) The local UPS store is apparently still indeterminate in location – its waveform has left Eastgate and not fully collapsed to a strip mall in Stoney Creek.

My brother mentioned another little printing store near the Burger King, so I stopped in, liked the guy behind the counter, liked the feel of the place, and liked the price quote, so we’ll see how well that turns out.

5 Responses to Coming soon to a business card near you…

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    I had some very basic b/w cards printed at Staples as an experiment about a year and a half ago. I had just started blogging and wanted something to give to people if they were interested. I haven’t had much opportunity to hand any out, but at least I have them if anyone acts like they are interested. So far I don’t think the ones I’ve handed out have drawn anyone to my blog.

    Yours look very nice. I prefer to leave the back of the card blank in order to write notes–just something I noticed when I used to work trade shows and collected a lot of cards from potential customers–when someone gave me a card I liked it when I could write notes about the customer or any special things I’d need to remember later. When someone gave me a fancy double sided card that was glossy and with illustrations there was no place to write and I’d have to staple it to a notepaper–kind of a hassle.

    Tossing It Out


  2. Madison Woods says:

    Great idea. I think I might do this too. In the past for my herbal business I’ve used Vistaprint and there was no issues, but when possible I always prefer to use a small locally-owned business .


  3. Regina says:

    I think that it looks great. I think that is a great idea! Best Wishes.


  4. I love the idea. I’ve been to many watering holes where people would ask me for my website after we talked and I never had one. Still the idea didn’t really sink in until reading this post. I guess I didn’t see it as an option for authors. I need to start thinking outside the box.

    I also like Arlee’s idea. Considering my bio is extremely short I may be able to incorporate both.

    Thank you for sharing your idea, and Gods speed.


  5. Nice idea to put a blurb about yourself on the back. I’ll have to steal that idea. : )


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