Lookit all I’ve been reading lately!

So, I told you last week about how I was joining the Consistent Reader’s club and reading from new-to-me books for at least 15 minutes every day. I thought I’d touch base to let you know how well that’s been working out!

I’ve kept up with the program, and often read a lot more than that per day. I haven’t read any books through from start to finish, but I’ve finished two, started one, and loved a lot of what I’ve been reading:

  • Finished ‘Mixed Magics’ by Diana Wynne Jones, a collection of short stories connected to the Chrestomanci series, which I got for my birthday last year and read a story and a half from around the spring. This was really fun stuff – there’s a great adventure bringing Eric Chant from ‘A Charmed Life/The Pinhoe Egg’ together with Tonino Montana from ‘The Magicians of Caprona’, and also including callbacks to characters and history from “The Lives of Christopher Chant.” I also read a fun dreaming story involving the daughter of one of the minor characters from “Lives of Christopher Chant”, and a little fable about overly organized gods that Chrestomanci has to help untangle.
  • Finished: Flatlander, (the short story collection) by Larry Niven. The last story, the Woman in Del Rey crater, was really good, and there was an afterword in which Larry comments on how he wishes he could write more Gil Hamilton stories, but mixing science fiction with the mystery genre is harder than it might look.
  • Started: King Kelson’s bride, by Katherine Kurtz. Actually, I’ve skimmed through this ebook before, at least, but wanted to start from the beginning because I couldn’t remember much of the plot.
  • Continued: The Gripping Hand, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. I’ve been reading this on and off ever since I got it with some other books using Christmas money. I brought it with me to Kansas, and didn’t read much from it until I lost ‘Prisoner of Azkaban.’ It’s fun stuff, a worthy sequel to “The Mote in God’s Eye”, which I really liked. Horace Bury hasn’t managed to scheme his way to get to the Mote Blockade yet, though I know he’s going to go soon.
  • Continued: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Didn’t read much from this, just found my place in the ebook where I stopped reading from the paperback copy before I lost it in the Cleveland airport.

So, have you read anything interesting lately?

6 Responses to Lookit all I’ve been reading lately!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I have not read anything lately… wish i had the time and money to grab a book from the bookstore..


  2. Mike says:

    I’ve read in the last two months “A Dance With Dragons”, “Where You Belong”, “Vallar”, “American Gods”, and “Destiny Island”. Right now I’m reading “Witch Song” which I plan to finish by the weekend. So many books…so little time 🙂


  3. What a cool club! I’m a consistent reader. I read everyday and try to finish a book a week. I think it’s important that writers read on a daily basis.


  4. Donna Hole says:

    Have you read any of the other books in the Deryni series besides King Kelson’s Bride? Katherine Kurz is is one of my favorite authors.

    I’ve read a lot of books lately, but its either beta reading with critiques or reading to write reviews. I agree with Clarissa, a writer should read every day, and I can’t to find some time to just read for pleasure. Soon, precious, soon.



    • Yes, I’ve read all four of the Deryni trilogies, and I think I made it all the way through “Childe Morgan” though I can’t remember it extremely clearly. I liked the ones in the Camber era best, though some of them were so sad.


  5. avatar139 says:

    Most recently I’ve still been working Timothy Zahn’s original (non-Star Wars) works as well as Gordon R. Dickson non-Dragon Knight series. Currently working my through Way of the Pilgrim.

    Earlier this month I was reading a lot of the Doctor Who novelizations and (of course) the latest Dresden Files novel!


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