A self-introduction for my campaigner friends.

Hey there, I’ve noticed a few people already dropping by from the Platform-building Campaign. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the rounds myself until I’m back from Dragon*Con, so I’ll be starting around Tuesday, but I thought I’d say a few things about myself so that fellow Campaigners, especially my group-mates, will be able to get a sense out of who this Chris Kelworth guy is.

I’m Canadian. I get a steady paycheque for programming field service technician websites. I write science fiction and fantasy, for middle grade through adult readers. I’m trying to focus on rewriting my collection of short stories and submitting them to publishers.

I’m a huge fan of many things: Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Doctor Horrible, Doctor Who, Star Trek. I love to read Diane Duane young wizard books, just about anything by Larry Niven but especially Known Space, and also Madeleine L’Engle, Anne McCaffrey, Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea books, and Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni series. I’ve recently discovered the fun of going to fan conventions – which is what brings be to Atlanta this coming long weekend. (Never been to a convention as high-profile as Dragon*Con before, though.)

I have created fan fiction, fan art, and fan videos. I have a fairly impressive collection of portable digital electronic devices, and love to write my own apps for them when I can. I’m love National Novel Writing Month, Script Frenzy, and several other online writing challenges, and belong to a few local writer’s circles and critique workshops. I love playing games of many types, though I’m not a serious gamer in any particular type, such as console or tabletop RPG.

Thank you so much for dropping by. If you’re a campaigner, please use the ‘follow that blog’ widget or the NetworkedBlogs box to subscribe to the Kelworth Files, and leave a reply telling me something about you!

5 Responses to A self-introduction for my campaigner friends.

  1. Part of the campaign too,just stopping by to say hello. Glad to have found you and your blog! 🙂


  2. Hi Chris
    I’m a campaigner too. I just set up my networked blog stuff and added you–look forward to reading your posts!


  3. Mike says:

    I’d already met you a few months ago but we have a lot in common. I wanted to go to Dragon Con this year just to see Michael Whelan. He’s my favorite artist in all the world and I just want to speak with him before he dies. I know that sounds morbid but no one lasts forever and he’s looking older and older in every pic I see of him. I don’t know what I’d say to his face…something gushy maybe like “You’re art changed my life…” I dunno. He’s just such an inspiration.


    • Hi! I didn’t really know that much about Michael Whelan before this weekend, and I didn’t actually go up and talk to him, but I did hear some of his talk about the cover for “The White Dragon” and such things, which was really a very cool moment. He seemed pretty healthy and energetic too, I’m happy to say.


  4. I’m a fellow Canadian Campaigner. I also write science fiction and am a fan of many of the same things you are, most notably Star Trek and Doctor Who (new episode tomorrow!). Ursula LeGuin is pretty cool too.


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