Dragon*Con Friday – Once more, with Rocky Horror

So – Dragon*Con! I made it here, and all that!

Left yesterday morning at 7am to go to the airport. Flew through Washington briefly, got to Atlanta, took a shared shuttle to the Holiday Inn, checked in and immediately got set to go register at the Convention. By 4 in the afternoon I had my badge – there was almost no line-up for pre-registers by then.

Then I spent several hours running around, getting a good sense of the five host hotels and where they were in relation to each other – at least, I hope it’s a fairly good sense. Dragon*Con is a bit new to me, in that though it’s a bigger con than Fan Expo is, it doesn’t feel exactly like the commercial ‘floor cons’, such as Fan Expo or Wizard World. Instead, it’s a giant version of a fan ‘hotel con’ like Polaris or Ad Astra – hence, why it needs five host hotels, I guess.

I dropped by the Whedonverse fan track room in the middle of a panel about absolute power corrupting in Joss Whedon shows, got bored and went on more exploring, and got four autographed pictures:

  • Laura Vandervoort
  • Tahmoh Penikett
  • Autumn Reeser
  • Michael Rosenbaum

I could have gotten autographs from James Marsters and Felicia Day too – but I had left the comics that I want them to sign back at the Holiday Inn! Oh well, try today I guess.

Back to the Westin, which is Whedonverse HQ among other things, caught the very end of a panel about the Season Eight and upcoming Season Nine comics, (including a spoiler for eight, I think,) and then went to line up outside the ballroom. Once again, I serendipitously ended up in a different line than I’d expected – I’d thought it was for the Adam Baldwin Firefly Q&A, but Adam had to cancel, so I ended up waiting nearly two hours to get a great seat for the Rocky Horror singalongs, which were really great. I used some of the time to work out my schedules for today and tomorrow.

I’d been looking forward to the singalongs, even though I’ve been to two Doctor Horrible singalongs, but didn’t realize what the ‘Rocky Horror’ part meant. In fact, I was wondering at one point if there would be more Rocky Horror Picture show than Whedon stuff, and making contingency plans to drop by the Klingon Karaoke and see a friend if I didn’t like it after all.

But it was great. The overall idea is that they have people acting out the action synchronized to the original video – Once More with Feeling or Doctor Horrible, lip-syncing the words, and the audience joins in with the songs and calls out smart-alec remarks, some of them indicated with cue cards.

For the Buffy side, I didn’t pay as much attention to the actors; I’ve wanted to be part of a big ‘Once More with Feeling’ sing-along for years, and never got the chance. I noticed that though I felt weird about belting out the girls’ parts and tended to quietly harmonize with a Buffy solo, there were girls around who definitely didn’t mind joining in with Giles, Spike, or Sweet.

I did grab one video of the staging for ‘Once More with Feeling’, for the last number, “Where do we go from here”, mostly just to see how well they pulled off the choreography for ‘Understand, we’ll go hand in hand, but we’ll walk alone in fear,’ which actually was quite good, and I kept with it up to the big finale, where Buffy and Spike actually didn’t end it with a real kiss.

Then, for ‘Doctor Horrible’, I paid more attention to the staging and got video of a lot of good parts. They had two different actors playing Billy in street clothes and Doctor Horrible in his lab coat, which worked well in several ways – they could switch quickly when the script called for a quick change, or be both on stage when the situation called for it, such as the Laundry day sequence, (Billy in the laundromat, Doctor still in his lair,) or the very end.

So, that was yesterday – caught a shuttle back to the hotel and got about six hours of sleep. Now it’s time to get ready to head out again!


One Response to Dragon*Con Friday – Once more, with Rocky Horror

  1. Donna Hole says:

    An interesting day at least šŸ™‚



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