Saturday at Dragon*Con

I had a very busy day.

Breakfast at the Holiday, then the shuttle over to the Hilton. Armed with my ‘Buffy Omnibus Seven’ and ‘Dollhouse one-shot’ comics, I got two signatures from Felicia Day and one from James Marsters. The extra Felicia signature was on a ‘Doctor Horrible’ glossy photo.

The ‘Is the Doctor a meddler’ panel was standing room only, and not much of that, so I wandered over to Kate Mulgrew’s Q&A for a while, and then pulled out at the half-hour mark to get into line for the big Smallville Q&A session.

I’m not sure if anybody else does that, though I suspect it’s more common than you might think. There’s a half hour break between panels and other items on the schedule, to let people go from place to place, but really popular panels get lines starting up more than hour early. So, if you leave one panel half-way through, you can get to the site of the next and have nearly an hour, which should be enough to get you a pretty good seat. Obviously, you wouldn’t bother unless the second panel is a lot better than the first.

So, Smallville Q&A, was a lot of fun, we heard from Laura Vandervoort about her superhero poses and got a lot of fun stories from the villain guys, and heard about what everybody’s up to now. I got into line with a question that was mostly for James and partly also for Sam Witwer, about how much they knew about their character’s dark sides when they first started, because we met Brainiac and Doomsday through their secret identities first. But when I was second in line to ask, James had to leave early, so I decided not to bother and went back to my seat.

After the Smallville, I went to the food court, lined up for some Chick-Fil-A for lunch – man, those are good nuggets, taste kinda like the chicken fritters Mom made when I was young, and the waffle fries are good too. Then watched the ‘Top ten Joss Whedon moments’ video presentation from the back, which was a lot of fun. Let’s see how many I can remember:

  1. Buffy giving the Watcher’s council her terms to work with them in season five.
  2. Serenity flying out of the gas cloud with Reavers following them, through the Alliance fleet, and crash-landing.
  3. River getting triggered by the Fruity Oaty Bars and the bar fight.
  4. Buffy hitting the Judge with the Bazooka
  5. Buffy and Angel’s fight scene in ‘Becoming 2’
  6. Making every potential a Slayer
  7. November getting triggered by the phone call from Adele

That’s all that’s coming to me at the moment.

After the video ended, I bought an umbrella, because I didn’t pack one and it’s supposed to rain this afternoon, then paid for a bunch of photo ops, and waited in line for a photo session with Laura Vandervoort. The line seemed to go on forever, but I got out in time to catch the last few minutes of a Q&A that Robert Duncan McNeil was giving about Chuck.

Grabbed a quick pizza for dinner, then off to Pern central to learn a bit about Dragon Poker and play a few hands before heading back to the photo ops for Felicia Day. This time, I got into the waiting room more quickly, but every possible combination of Guild photos got called before ‘Felicia singles.’

Next stop, the Sheraton, where the line went all the way around the building for the Doctor Who episode screening. I ended up in the very last row, behind some rather tall people with big heads, and there was a big sound board behind me with somebody who had a security walkie-talkie on, but still I enjoyed ‘Night Terrors’, and enjoyed the experience of watching it surrounded by so many other Doctor Who fans. I figured out pretty quickly most of what was happening, but not what the Doctor would do to fix it, and I liked that his solutions were actually ones that a real ‘social worker’ might have been able to work out – get the son to realize that it was hiding from his fears that gave them power, but he was capable of facing them, and convince the father to reassure his son that he wasn’t going to be sent away.

The Doctor Who show ran late, because of the time it had taken to get everybody possible into the auditorium, and somebody wanted to talk about something after, but I took off, grabbed a quick ice cream at the food court, and then up to Whedonverse HQ for the Firefly drinking songs – only to find out that the room was at capacity. So I called for a shuttle home, but through some misunderstandings and problems with emergency vehicles, it was at least an hour and a half of waiting around before I was on my way. Oh well.

Still, I had a really great time, all things considered. I’m so glad that I came.


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