Second Campaigner Challenge – Imago? Are you kidding me??

I’m getting tired of challenges with ridiculously obscure requirements.

This is a picture of a cicada imago emerging. Isn’t that really gross? Just looking at it gives me the screaming jeebies.

For thousands of years, people thought that diseases were caused by miasma – foul or unclean air. This theory has been around for longer than we’ve had written records, and only got debunked after John Snow proved that cholera was spread through infected water, not through the air.

Lacuna was a minor character in Piers Anthony’s Xanth series – twin sister of Hiatus, (whose name basically means the same thing, a gap,) with the talent of making print appear. Eventually, she managed to get a major role in ‘Question Quest’, saved Magician Humphrey from Hell, and got her life retroactively changed to include a happy marriage and kids as a reward.

I remember reading an old speculative science fiction short story about what life would be like if the principle of causality in the universe was suddenly replaced with synchronicity – the idea that simmilar things happen at the same time.

So, that’s my answer to the challenge. Isn’t all of this boring? It’s enough to make me oscitate.


24 Responses to Second Campaigner Challenge – Imago? Are you kidding me??

  1. Now I know what one looks like.:) Thanks


  2. Sue says:

    By the way the mouse was not released…..

    The rotten egg smell is literal in this case – is someone gave off such a stench – couldn’t lie. So he doesn’t read her mind. He smells her scent.

    Thanks for reading

    I must check out these challenges on a more regular basis. This one fits in perfectly with my rotten egg snippet 😀


  3. If you think the cicada emerging is gross, think about the cicada wasp. They paralyze a cicada then bury it alive. The larvae feed on the (still living) Cicada. Ah nature is cruel.


  4. Arlee Bird says:

    I thought you handled it well.

    Tossing It Out


  5. Doreen says:

    You get my like on the shock factor…gross and good work!!


  6. It’s giving me the creeps, that’s for sure! Mine is #29


  7. Jen says:

    I didn’t oscitate! I love the way your approached this challenge. Good job!


  8. Catherine Johnson says:

    So original, I love this. Scientific and funny, nice job.


  9. Excellent. What number are you? I’m totally voting for you.

    And I agree with superhappyjen — that whole thing with the cicada wasp? Now that is gross. And kind of evil-ish.


  10. That was awesome! The apathetic tone was perfect. Made me laugh, and I even learned a thing or two.

    Great job! 🙂


  11. clarbojahn says:

    Yes, my mouth oscitated with awe at your story. Mine is #62 if you would have a look. Clar


  12. Gross! And did I mention that I hate bugs! Lol! ; )


  13. I liked your approach to the challenge. Nice job!


  14. The tone of this post made me laugh!

    This is one of the few entries that used the scientific definition of the word. Though I don’t actually find it’s that gross . . .


  15. Love the video! I like your approach to the challenge. You can check mine out at #146.


  16. This was a very different way to approach the challenge. I really liked the overall tone of the piece, even if I wasn’t too fond of the video 😉


  17. Ick on the cicada, LOL, our front tree is covered in those things every summer. Great take on the challenge…way to go 🙂


  18. I loved your take on this weird challenge.
    Mine is a bit different, if you care to read it – it’s number 180.


  19. Rachel says:

    Perfect! Very original and it was nice to read for a change. Good job. I’m 125.


  20. Kurt says:

    Very clever!


  21. Nice approach. Got a kick out of the last two lines.


  22. magnolia says:

    Good word usage and micro fiction.


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