Campaigner Spotlight: Chris Eboch

Hey, everybody! Tonight the spotlight is shining on Chris Eboch, from Write Like a Pro.

What’s the earliest clear memory you have?
Our neighbor’s house burning down. In my memory, I was lying on my bed reading when my father came in to get me, and I was annoyed at the interruption. I was four, so I probably wasn’t really reading – maybe flipping through a picture book with a familiar story – but I find it funny that my first memory involves both books and a dramatic event.

What’s your hobby horse?
If you mean what do I do for fun, I spend a lot of time reading, of course – the cheapest, easiest way to explore other worlds. Now that I live in New Mexico, with beautiful weather almost year-round, I love to get outside to take advantage of it, whether it’s having weekend brunch on the patio with my husband as the hummingbirds dart around us, or fossil hunting in the desert, or rock climbing on one of the many nearby cliffs.

What’s your pet peeve?
Cleaning the kitchen. It’s not that the job is so bad, but that it never stays clean more than half a day. As a writer, I hate when people assume that writing is easy, anyone could do it, and all you have to do is whip out a book to get rich quick. If only!

I offer writing advice on my blog, Write like a Pro! I have years of experience as a writing teacher, freelance critiquer, and workshop leader, and I’ve written over 20 articles for Children’s Writer or Writer’s Digest. I try to go beyond the common advice and dig into the nitty-gritty of writing, such as how to find moments for cliffhanger chapter endings and make the most of them. Recently I’ve been sharing excerpts from my new book, Advanced Plotting, which includes essays from other professional writers. Check out my past posts, and perhaps follow me for future advice!

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