I’m a tired, but productive critter this week

I’ve been reading a lot of pieces and sending in a lot of crits for the critters.org online workshop this week. I decided that I wanted to get a ‘most productive critter’ award, which requires earning a really high number of critique points in a single week for many different stories or chapters, as opposed to a single novel reading.

I’ve sent in 12 critiques since Friday afternoon, for pieces ranging from 400 to 4000 words, and running the gamut from ghost story horror to medieval fantasy to crazy cutting-edge science fiction with people becoming string theory patterns and entering quantum foam.

It’s been kinda fun, and quite a stretch for my critical ‘muscles.’ I’ll hear back tomorrow afternoon on if I got the MPC or not.

Late-breaking update:

3 Responses to I’m a tired, but productive critter this week

  1. Oh my, well, since you are apparently willing to do critics for a lot of various stuff, I might one day ask you to read through one of my stories. They sort of need an open mind, since I never can even place them in a prope genre.


  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    That’s awesome Chris, well done!


  3. Sherry Isaac says:

    Thorough, thoughtful dritiquing takes a lot of energy. Good for you.


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