Rule of three #2: The resourceful Sorceress

Part One

This week, the focus is on Heiress Royale Samantha Brussard. I think I touched on all four prompts, in order from most directly to least directly:

  • One of the characters is revealed to be not who or she is
  • A character lies to another on an important matter
  • Someone is killed or almost killed
  • A relationship becomes complicated

Naveli let out a deep sigh as we walked into the tavern and she saw the waitress, and I tried not to roll my eyes in response. She thinks that she’s so discreet liking girls.

We split up without saying anything, Tom heading over towards the restrooms, Naveli taking a seat near her dusky darling… and me? I went up to the bar. “Excuse me; I’m wondering if you could help me find someone.”

“Certainly I can, your Highness,” the little bartender assured me. “Be you wanting more spells? If Magic Moments doesn’t stock what you’re after, then isn’t in Renaissance.”

I blinked and tried to keep my cool. “What makes you think that I’m royal?”

“Ah, that’d be my nose, Highness.” He lifted his somewhat long and pointy sniffer. “I can always smell out a magik-user, and such a great and beautiful Sorceress would have to be royal, now wouldn’t you? Which royal family, I can’t tell, except I think you’re not one of the Chang Dynasty.”

“Well, no I’m not,” I muttered. “And I’m not looking for more spells, or intelligent animals, or a fight. Is – has there been anybody particularly strange coming into town recently? Not counting my friends and me, I mean.”

“Particularly strange? Highness, this is Renaissance. Everybody here is strange.”

Tom came along the bar to meet me. “Why don’t you just ask him straight out about a shifter, my darling?” he asked.

I turned to look at Tom, annoyed, as the little bartender did a dramatic take. “You’re looking for shape-changing demigods, Highness? In this back-of-nowhere town? Boy, are you snarling up the wrong tree.”

I wasn’t so sure about that, as I looked at Tom. “Why did you tell him straight out like that?

“Well, umm, it hardly seemed worthwhile to beat around the bush,” he said. “You weren’t getting anywhere with the ‘someone strange’ routine, now were you? Now at least he’s talking.”

On one level that made sense, but it wasn’t the sort of thing I’d usually expect Tom to say. He’s a big fan of the slow and circuitous route generally. “That’s a good point, honey. You’re so smart about practical details like that. We should announce the date for our wedding as soon as we get back home, wouldn’t you say?”

Rather a big non sequitur, I know, but he took the bait. “I can’t wait, darling.”

I backed away just a little and started running through a spell pattern in my mind, the variant of ‘float on air’ that Naveli blundered onto during her training. Tom figured out what I was doing partway through and charged towards me, but he was too late – the spell took full effect and blew every stitch of clothing off his body in shreds of fabric, right down to the undershorts.

I was glad that I hadn’t lost my nerve there. The impostor was perfect, except for his – private organ, which was green and barbed. I might be a proper virgin, but I knew that wasn’t human.

Before I could challenge the shifter, he was charging me, scooping my body up in his arms and tossing me across the tavern towards the jukebox. I wasn’t sure how badly I’d have been hurt if I’d landed there – probably it wouldn’t have been fatal. But I was glad when a cloud of thick air gathered me into its embrace and cushioned my flight, depositing me in an empty chair.

Naveli was now glaring at the shifter with steady eyes. “Hey, bud, nobody picks on my big sister like that but me!”


21 Responses to Rule of three #2: The resourceful Sorceress

  1. Mike Offutt says:

    Interesting story. I like how the guy can sniff that she’s royalty.


  2. alberta ross says:

    very nice – green eh!


  3. kelly says:

    hmm. Spells and shifters and naked aliens. I wonder what comes next!


  4. I loved how you described the spell an the action! It’s quite a lot of fun to use prompts like these, isn’t it? I just posted my new chapter, too.


  5. Kurt says:

    First blood! So what happened to the real Tom?


  6. Hehehe this is cool! Can’t wait to see Naveli kick butt. 🙂


  7. That’s a sneaky shifter!


  8. Didn’t see that one coming! And I love these lines:

    “Particularly strange? Highness, this is Renaissance. Everybody here is strange.”

    I might be a proper virgin, but I knew that wasn’t human.

    Good job!


  9. Sisters! I love the play between the characters!


  10. Jana Denardo says:

    These are a great bunch of characters. can’t wait to see more.


  11. deniz says:

    Love that last line! So many people set their Part Twos in a bar. Must be something in the Renaissance air…


  12. rekha says:

    Enjoyed this. Interesting story and characters.. I loved the last line.


  13. Enjoyed the humour :-)) As Stuart, one of the hosts, mentioned to me, it’s too bad we didn’t create a bar or two in Renaissance ahead of time so that all of our characters could meet and interact in future posts:-)))


  14. Colleen says:

    I just read both Part 1 and 2 and I think I laughed out loud five times. I love that you included all the prompts in both parts because silly works really well here.


  15. Daina says:

    Love the action! That’s some bad Shifter, sifting everything but his private parts, which were green and barbed – this part made me laugh! I wonder what happened to Tom, and the pretty girl Naveli was looking at 🙂 Looks like Naveli will be kicking some butts in the next part, can’t wait!


  16. Donna Hole says:

    Intriguing characters from both excerpts. I loved the magic use, its so smooth, a well integrated part of the action. You have a strength for writing action and humor both.



  17. Completely enjoying. Looking forward for the next part really.


  18. Ahhh, A girl after my own heart…she knew her man would never behave a certain way. Nice. Then she took care of business…with a little help from her sister. It doesn’t get too much better than that. But I wonder what happened to the poor guy that was being impersonated?


  19. I like the humor in this story and the last. I hope you can keep it up for the nest two. And I too wonder what happened to the real Tom?


  20. Joshua says:

    Well that was a bit unexpected. Good one!!


  21. Anna says:

    “Hey, bud, nobody picks on my big sister like that but me!” Heh!

    Ah, sisters 😉

    Funny that the bartender can smell a royal but not a shifter. Do they have stealth technology?


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