Campaigner Spotlight: It’s Better Than You Think

Once again, it’s Campaigner Spotlight time, and this time, the spotlight falls on Elaine Charton, and her blog: It’s Better Than You Think.

Question time:
Are you ready if there is a zombie apocalypse?
No if it’s coming I’d better get a freezer and stock up on body parts. I hate zombies.

What’s your most annoying habit?
My husband says it’s being right all the time. I think I can be a tad controlling..:)

What was the first story you wrote, (or can remember writing)?
A short story mystery that I wrote for an English class. It wasn’t very good and full of grammatical errors.

A voracious reader from an early age, I would often change the end of a book or a movie if it didn’t please me. After all doesn’t everyone like a happy ending. With an imagination like that, I should have known it was only a matter of time before I began writing my own stories.  They may include, ghosts, and witches, dead bodies and all manner of such things but they all end well I’m married to a fellow writer and book lover for over twenty years. We live in Southern Arizona with two very spoiled feline children.

My blog
Two important things marked my 50th Birthday, at least important to me. First, a few weeks before my beloved Boston Red Sox finally broke the curse and won a world series. The other, my first book was published that year.  Fifty is a momentous birthday for most people, but more so for me. My blog is found at and titled “IT’S BETTER THAN YOU THINK. It started out as a blog about life after fifty. It’s now about much more. I talk about things I am passionate about, books, TV and movies, cooking and the occasional quote. I collect quotes that touch me for some reason. I try and blog fairly regularly, at least three times a week sometimes more.  Depends on what is on my mind.

Thanks for giving me some spotlight material, Elaine!


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