Campaigner Spotlight: Julie Coulter Belton

First off, I wanted to let you know, I won’t be submitting to the third campaigner challenge. I tried, but I just couldn’t find anything in there that really engaged me, so I’m taking a pass.

And, now, spotlight season continues with Julie Coulter Belton!

How will you know when you’ve reached success as a writer?

For me, there are so many little successes as an author. Finishing a manuscript is a success.  Finding a home for your manuscript is a success.  Holding your book in your hands for the first time is a success.  Finding author friends who understand you is a success.  I think writers have to look at every milestone as a success because there are so many writers out there that don’t even reach the first one.  Celebrate it all!

Where do you get ideas for characters and how do you develop them?
I am a people watcher and often smash a lot of people I’ve met or am acquainted with into a character.  They usually develop with my story and since I write international suspense, and I love action/adventure with a twist so my characters usually have a lot going on with them both on the outside, physically, and on the inside, emotionally, as they go through their ordeal.

Tell us a long and completely untrue story about yourself.
Once, when I was touring the islands of Greece, I had stopped off at the island of Crete after dark and went down the road a ways near the palace of Knossos.  One of the first roads ever built was underneath my feet and the chariot tracks were still visible, even by the light of the moon.  I walked to a medium-sized white rock on the side and sat down, and just as I did a horse came clip-clopping out of the darkness.  It was black and majestic and it frightened me a little with its size.  I shrank back as it passed and for just a second, I could swear it looked as though someone had been walking behind it and had ducked into the trees.  The horse passed me with barely a glance, but the shadows across the road seemed to be flitting about and my blood began to burn with adrenaline.  I stood, but not before I saw the shadow of a hand with a knife rise up to fall across the rock I had just been sitting on.  I let out a small scream and ran for the safety of my hotel.  True story?  You decide.

I love suspense, writing, reading, meeting new people, and doing random stuff with my husband and eight children. Yeah, eight.  I know, I know, don’t even say it.  My blog is an amalgamation of me and what I like, but if you stop by, I’d love to meet you and have you join in my conversations.  I’ve published traditionally and independently, and am always looking at both sides of the ever-changing publishing landscape. I love sharing my experiences in the writing world and hope you will feel comfortable doing the same.  Come on over!

Thanks for stepping into the spotlight, Julie!

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