Six Sentence Sunday – Nanowrimo opening

Hello everybody. Word count for Nanowrimo at this point, (Saturday night,) is 13,482, but right now I’m going to rewind back to the very first ones from last Tuesday morning, November the 1st. To be clear, since I’m rebelling, this is a continuation from the Star Patrol blogisodes and not really the opening scene of the book.

They emerged from the shuttle airlock, and Brett looked over at Jody to see how she was doing in the high-oxygen atmosphere of the planet. It actually seemed to perk her up a little bit, though that might just be Jody trying to reassure everybody that she was all right and could get the job done.

Then he noticed the aliens.

They had evidently arrived in some sort of cart drawn by a single three-legged animal, but the cart wasn’t moving anymore and had possibly been ‘parked’ by extending rods down to the ground so that it would remain stable. There were three aliens, and as far as Brett could tell they each had three legs and three arms, with four tentacle-fingers on each hand. He filed this away for whatever insight it might help him build into their way of thinking.

And thanks very much to the admins out at Six Sentence Sunday.


6 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – Nanowrimo opening

  1. Amy Durham says:

    Interesting six. Very descriptive! Best of luck with NaNo!
    Amy Durham


  2. Hello Chris! Love the six! I hope you’re having a great Sunday!


  3. Sue says:

    excellent world building – loved the three legged creature


  4. Guilie says:

    Whoa… 13,482? You sound like a very motivating buddy to have. I’m at 11,414 (‘course, haven’t written ONE word today, largely due to SSS) and I was feeling very comfortable at my “cusp”. Off to write now, but before I go, GREAT start here. Look forward to reading more!


  5. Catherine Johnson says:

    I love the cart and three-legged animal. Great how you put an age old idea into a futuristic story like that. Intrigued by Jodie too. Great intro!


  6. Ruth Madison says:

    I did mine from my NaNo project too! 😀 Very cool scene setting and I like the observation that she is trying to act like she’s fine.


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