Quick Nanowrimo update: Day 8

Feeling back on track again. I realized yesterday that I’d overcounted by about 100 words on Sunday and missed a few weekend milestones that I thought I hit, and then yesterday evening I was tired and didn’t feel like writing much when I got home. This morning I was all excited to write on the bus – and then the bus was 25 minutes late and got really crowded because it was essentially carrying two full loads, so I didn’t have enough elbow room to use the Alphasmart. Ended up just reading the whole way on the palmpilot.

But I crossed the 20k line on the bus ride home, and I’m off to the first unofficial write-in at Chester’s beers of the world. Whoo-hoo!

How’s your November writing journey going so far?

2 Responses to Quick Nanowrimo update: Day 8

  1. How did the write-in at theChester’s beers go? Sounds like a fun place. 🙂

    I’m a few words behind on my NaNo project, but should catch up by tonight. I’m having fun with it.


  2. It was a great write-in! Things were a little lively – eight people, all and one table, lots of chatting and good food and drinks, but I managed to get over 1100 words written.


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