Guest starring Badger as Johnny Fox…

Today’s word count: 22,727! Yay for me.

I’ve been thinking about one of the minor characters in Act Two who’s been very fun to have in my Nano – he’s basically just a figment of the fantasy world that my characters are trapped in. But the coolest bit, is that I mentally cast him as Badger from Firefly – not just Mark Sheppard, but specifically Badger, because Mark’s a really versatile actor, but Johnny is almost exactly what Badger would be if he crossed over to this particular fantasy world – and got a different accent.

Johnny is a trade baron, with convoys and caravans crossing the land, and running the entire show from the tiny village of Connaw, near the northwestern edge of Darkwood forest. There isn’t that much to Connaw, but all of it is under Johnny’s thumb, and he likes that better than being based in a larger town with bona fide nobles and guardsmen and who-knows-what else to deal with.

My main characters come to Connaw in the first place because Fox’s supply wagon is the only way for them to sneak into Breia Manor, deep inside Darkwood, and two of them get cover jobs as caravan security guards. Unfortunately, Johnny becomes suspicious of them for something that was really just an unfortunate co-incidence, and they end up having to deal with him to save their own plan. That’s when we find out that Johnny wants something from Breia Manor too.

Unfortunately, the plot is soon going to be leaving Johnny behind – after one more bargain for information, my main characters will be heading off to the mountains to find three-armed wizards. But it was great to have him around for as long as he was in the story.

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