Nano Spotlight: Tina Hayes (and her Badass Character)

Good morning, busy Nano-ers. Today, I’m pleased to spotlight Tina Hayes and help her plug her search for a Badass Character name!

How and why did you end up participating in National Novel Writing Month (the first occasion you did.) 
I believe it was in 2006, which was also the first year of the ABNA (Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award). Their forum was where I first learned about NaNo, if I remember correctly. I was eager to pen my next manuscript, so NaNoWriMo sounded like just the thing for me. I didn’t ‘win’ NaNo that year, but I’ve been hooked on it ever since.

What are you writing about this year?
A party girl and a work-a-holic are being forced into an arranged marriage, which they aren’t at all happy about. If they don’t walk down the aisle, they both lose everything they hold near and dear. As the story unfolds, readers will learn how and why her grandpa and his mother set it up, and watch the love/hate relationship that results when the happy couple reluctantly plan a wedding together. Subplots abound to spice things up, including a couple of sleazy old flames and blackmail. I’m toying with the idea of working a paranormal thread in too.

What’s your favorite part of Nanowrimo and why?
It’s amazing to realize how many productive hours I can pull out of my busy schedule to get in my 50,000 words. Makes me kinda wonder how I waste so much time the rest of the year. I love it when words just seem to pour through the keyboard in the middle of the night when I’m sleep deprived, gobbling up junk food. The way everybody cheers each other on, swapping goofy suggestions to keep each other going is pretty special. My absolute favorite part of NaNoWriMo has the be the sense of accomplishment each day when that little word graph grows to match my word count, the way the whole process makes people feel anything is possible if they’re stubborn enough to commit to something and follow through.

Who’s the best character in your Nano?
The beautiful Briella Monroe. I just love her! She’s a tough cookie who doesn’t let anybody get the best of her. Crafting unique jewelry for the family business is the only thing she loves more than partying. She doesn’t give a damn what other people think, but she’d do anything for her grandpa or her best friend Dillon.

Sneaky Ninja Question! What have you learned from writing?
Oh, you wicked Ninja, that is a sneaky question!

I’ve learned that writing is cathartic, since I can work out issues through my characters that would never be possible (legally) in real life.

Check out the NaNo related ‘Name My Badass Character’ contest going on at my blog:

Happy NaNoing!

Thanks, Tina! I’m submitting an entry for the contest right now!

2 Responses to Nano Spotlight: Tina Hayes (and her Badass Character)

  1. Thanks so much the interview, Chris!

    I just got back for New Orleans or I would have commented earlier. The trip put me a little behind in my wordcount, so I’ll be NaNoing my behind off this week to catch up.


  2. […] gone put me behind on my NaNo, but I’m catching up.  And don’t forget to check out the Kelworth Files for the NaNo Spotlight Chris was kind enough to let me participate in. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", […]


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