Nano spotlight: Jana

Good morning, friends and followers. It’s time for another spotlight interview of a brave National Novel Writing Month writer, and to that end, it’s my pleasure to introduce Jana.

How and why did you end up participating in National Novel Writing Month?
I first came to Nano because several friends on livejournal were doing it. At first I didn’t think it was that good of an idea mostly because I didn’t quite understand what it was all about. Once I researched it, and knowing my own competitive nature, I just had to do give it a try.I couldn’t let my friends beat me, after all. Seriously though, that competition with them keeps us all going. I’ve been doing this for a handful of years now and I really enjoy it.

What are you writing about this year?
I’m working on a fantasy story (non-erotica so I guess I’m technically writing it under my other pen name). The four name characters are Archana, a Living Goddess (a mortal embodiment of the goddess) who has been kidnapped but escaped; Sverre a young Yaarian priest who lost an arm to a fire wizard in the civil war (which the Yaarian lost) a decade before. He finds and aids Archana; Ethon (the fire wizard) and Charis (the princess and queen to be) who have been keeping the peace in their country only to be betrayed by Charis’s mad father. The four of them have to find a way to stop the mad king and his power hungry son and save their country.

What’s your favorite part of Nanowrimo and why?
Beyond the writing, the people I meet. I have to saw the Athens OH nano’ers are some of the best people I’ve met in this rural area of OH. They’re fun people to hang out with and write. I’ve met a lot of people in the forums but my local group really keeps me going (along with some of my close friends who all do nano). I really love our word wars and sharing snippets of our stories.

Who’s the best character in your Nano?
Right now that would be Archana and Sverre. They are very fully realized and they play off each other so well. Their banter is my favorite part so far. Mixing a young woman who has lived a highly isolated and rarefied life with a very angry more earthy man has been interesting.

Sneaky Ninja Question! What superpower would you want to have?
I’d like to be able to affect luck. Imagine all the good things that could come my way or the bad luck I could give to the annoying (because I’d probably straddle the line or good and evil)

Jana Denardo’s career choices and wanderlust take her all over the United States and beyond. Much of her travels make their way into her stories. Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Mystery have been her favorite genres since she started reading, and they often flavor her erotic works. In her secret identity, she works with the science of life and gives college students nightmares. When she’s not chained to her computer writing, she functions as stray cat magnet.

2 Responses to Nano spotlight: Jana

  1. What a fun interview. I agree with Jana, a support network a.k.a. light competition is a great motivator. Having others hold you accountable helps push through the tough times.

    Archana and Sverre sound like fun characters to work with.

    May your muse gorge you with words this month! And always.


    • Jana denardo says:

      Thank you very much. My local group is big on word wars and other light competition and we really keep each other going and my personal friends are little slave drivers.

      I’m really glad you like the sound of Archana and Sverre, they’re being great characters to work with.


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