Another Six Sentence Nano Sunday

Hi everybody. Once again, I’m skipping forward by a few scenes, and sharing some more description involving my aliens.

They weren’t paying the humans much attention any more, now that Jody had given up on trying to teach them vocabulary. They had set up a table next to the cart, on an elaborate system of springs and shocks which seemed to be designed to keep it steady and cushioned from any kind of irregularity or even movement of the ground. and it was what was on the table that was the focus of all their attention now.

It was hard for Brett to describe what was on the table in the terms of a whole, although he could recognize most of the parts of it. At the center of the item was a crystal sphere – a crystal ball even, looking like the sort that a fortune teller stared into at carnival shows back on Earth. And the sphere was at the center of a series of concentric geometric shapes… yes, it was made up of the five platonic solids, each nested one within the other. “Good for the Greeks – those shapes are truly universal – not even aliens can come up with a sixth platonic solid in three dimensional space.”


4 Responses to Another Six Sentence Nano Sunday

  1. Alix Cameron says:

    Great description. Well done!


  2. Misa says:

    Geometric shapes are universal. Love it šŸ˜€


  3. Sue says:

    That table sounds useful. Nice work


  4. Guilie says:

    What *is* that? Great descriptions, though. I’m definitely hooked. Thanks for sharing!


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